Friday, October 26, 2007

Chavez red shirts in action

To create a totalitarian state several things are required. Three of them are gratuitous violence, ignorance and an ability to utter and repeat constantly outrageous lies. Lack of humor always accompanies any of these properties. We saw that today in Venezuela.

The basic details are not important as they are becoming routine. I will give only a speedy summary.

There was a forum at the Pedagogico, which is the main teachers school of Venezuela. A forum, for those who do not know the difference, is an event where some people make an informative speech on some theme and then the audience asks questions. It is not a place for debate, though some can take place. If you do not agree with the speakers you can ask your probing questions, or even just take a mic and say that the speakers are B-S-ting the audience.

But if you want to debate you go to a round table, or an actual debate where speakers from both sides are announced long in advance, and a moderator is named, and clear rules are established. As you can gather, it is all a question of format. But in totalitarian mindset format is a foreign word.

So the Pedagogico held a forum against the constitutional reform. There are enough opposition guys there to hold such a forum and no one is stopping the chavista students to hold a forum on their own supporting the constitution. Then, maybe, both sides could agree to hold a debate.

Apparently some chavista students (though it remains to be demonstrated how many of them were actually students) came to stir up the forum, started a bout of violence and left after having insulted all and broken the nose of one of the dissident students who was a guest speaker. That this student is one of the leaders of the movement certainly did not help calm down the hatred of the chavista hordes sent to disrupt the event. In fact the violence of videos is rather horrifying and we can even fear for the life of the student. Something that did not stop the said student to declare leaving the hospital that he was continuing his political combat and denounce increasing repression against the student movement of Venezuela.

That is for the facts. To which one could add that the Pedagogico internal elections were postponed by external pressure (just as the case of the ULA a year ago) because it seemed that chavismo was about to lose them there and of course losing elections in the school that is supposed to form the teachers of the Bolivarian socialist revolutionary school is something that cannot be accepted. And even less a forum one supposes.

So, what was so noteworthy about this awful event?

Ignorance. One of the guests was Pompeyo Marquez. He is one of the most famous ex-Venezuelan guerrilla, always on the left wing of Venezuelan politics, until Chavez came and separated Venezuela into a fascist and anti fascist camp. There might be a few fascists in the groups who oppose Chavez, however the last one that any Venezuelan with a minimum of education would label a fascist is Pompeyo Marquez. Heck, I would label Petkoff a fascist before I would even place Pompeyo in a center right political party. But the chavista student that harassed Pompeyo there called him a fascist, and repeatedly. Thus was illustrated the total ignorance of the folks that chavismo pays to go and disrupt opposition meetings (confirmed by comments from some other chavista "students"). Then again that was the case with the brown or the black shirts.

Ability to repeat outrageous life. That same chavista “student” whose name is yet to be revealed, said that Pompeyo was on the CIA payroll. The journalist that was holding the mic asks the obvious question “why do you say that?”. Do you know what the student replied? “Ask him!”. And that happened several times, it was not a lapsus brutis, it was deliberate (along other niceties he uttered against Pompeyo). Plain smearing. Plain brain washing.

Gratuitous violence. Of that we got plenty today. Even if the video was confusing, it is clear that the guys holding the forum were willing to try to let the chavista say a few words. But that was never their objective: the goals was to disrupt a meeting that chavismo already knows it cannot win if reason presides. So they used any opportunity to raise the ante, revealing along the way that they probably are not students to begin with and that in fact they are on some payroll, some training to do that kind of fascist actions. You just need to compare the attitude, repetitive, methodical, of the chavista hecklers and the more disorganized and genuine response from the students that wanted to attend the forum. Sure enough it all ended up in violence where several people were hurt. Gratuitous violence at that.

That is all I need to say folks. We saw it all clearly today: chavismo is not interested in any debate, it only wants to approve the new constitution ASAP knowing very well that the more people know about it the less likely they are to vote for it. As we say in Venezuela: “a las pruebas me remito”.

(When videos appear on YouTube I will link them here, should not be long)

added later (hat tip to readers from comment section).

The video of Goicochea when he leaves the hospital. Too long for translation. But listen to the tone for the first minute, it will be enough.

In this video you can see the moment when a small bomb exploded and when probably Yon was hit and his nose broken. He is all dizzy suddenly and can hardly stand up. That is when a group decides to evacuate him as some chavistas are trying to get him while he is weak to cowardly finish him off. Fascism, nothing less.

And finally, this long video is what happened at the beginning of the event. 14 minutes, for those who have the stomach to deal with it.

-The end-

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