Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Washington Post turn at lambasting Chavez new constitution

I had to leave early this morning so I did not get a chance to read the Washington Post until tonight. A little bit late but a worthwhile editorial. They call the "reforma" a constitutional coup. too bad they had to wait three month after the New York times who saw through it right on august 15, but better late than never, in particular when there is time to do something.

And speaking of doing something, today some polls came up saying that the NO will win. Before any pro Chavez screams anything I will suggest them that they review these pollsters in November 2006 when they were predicting a Chavez victory. But tonight I am too tired to search on that, suffice to say that I watched the sobering results, for chavismo, of their latest Mercanalisis poll. surprisingly besides the attack on private property voters are very worried about the central bank autonomy and the take over of the army. Are people thinking with their wallet for next December? It seems that they might start doing so: do not touch my home, do not think that you will be able to touch my hone if someday I have one, do not touch the last barrier against inflation we have, even if it is already a wreck, I do not want military to tell me what I have to do with my life. and other such pearls as the rejection in general of the term "socialista".

And that is why Chavez is organizing an attack against Globovision and Spain.

-The end-

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