Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chavez worries about Colombia, gives a rat ass about Venezuela

It looks like our friend Tal Cual cartoonist Weil is on a roll. For the third day in a row he publishes yet another perfect cartoon exposing the mendacity of Chavez on the FARC/Hostage mess. While Chavez postures in front of any TV camera he can find, people keep being murdered or taken for ransom in Venezuela, a few yards even from the presidential palace of Miraflores. Weil is not making that up: I would not walk after sunset anywhere downtown Caracas.

Translation of the caption: "From here I manifest to the World my concern about the violence in Colombia"

Indeed, if Chavez cared half as much about Venezuelan violence as he claims to care about the Colombian one, we would be much better off here.

-The end-

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