Friday, September 12, 2008

The United States ambassador in Caracas has 72 hours to leave Venezuela

Following the previous post, because now we know why Chavez insulted the United States of America a few minutes ago (Patrick Duddy).

I was watching Alo Ciudadano who on occasion shows live transmission of events taking place elsewhere in Venezuela, usually related to Chavez. The reason why they went to Puerto Cabello signal is that the guy monitoring the screens at Globovision had heard what Chavez said and cut through normal broadcasting to see if he was going to say more: he did, by insulting the Yankee crowd. And what did Chavez say before, that the anchor could not quote due to the speediness of the news: that he had just announced in a feverish attack that he was expelling the US of A ambassador. The guy had 72 hours to leave, and he decided that "in solidarity" with the people of Bolivia. That is right, Evo Morales apparently directs Venezuelan foreign policy. Well, Chavez foreign policy since it has long ceased to be a Venezuela foreign policy.

Chavez expels the US ambassador, but he does not break relations with the US. Why? Well, of course he is not going to break the relationship!!! He needs all the money he gets form oil sales to the evil empire to finance the evil corruption and vote buying over which he presides.

And why Chavez is taking such a useless but spectacular measure: because the trial in Miami is going on and he needs, DESPERATELY, to find ways to have people discuss something else. Kicking the US does usually works in such case, though this case might need more than a few kicks.

PS: the first note in the press was form AP, and I beat them in content and speed. Blogging rocks, on occasion, when your TV is not too far from your computer :) Even CNN is just announcing it!

PS2: at first Alo Ciudadano thought it was from Bolivar state but in fact it is from Puerto Cabello in Carabobo. Does not make a difference, as the Carabobo candidate is in even worse shape than the one in Bolivar state. But I had to correct it here, though I will not correct the previous post.

PS3: as a side issue, Leopoldo Castillo of Alo Ciudadano had to apologize on the air. The reason? The words of Chavez are too vulgar ("soez" was the Spanish term he used) to be broadcast a this time of day. In theory Globovision could be fined HEAVILY because it transmitted the words of Chavez. So Castillo had to preempt. In other words, the only person allowed to insult anyone on TV without any retenue is Chavez. Because you know that CONATEL is not going to complain to Chavez. And then some folks defend the freedom of expression in Venezuela....

-The end-

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