Friday, September 12, 2008

¡Vayanse pa'l carajo yankis de mierda!

Those are the new immortal words that Chavez has just uttered as he is leading the campaign of his Bolivar State candidate for governor. That is right, Chavez is doing the campaign of all of his candidates because without him, well, they might just be toast.

And those words are: "Go to hell shitty Yankee", but worse, much, much worse. As soon as someone posts the video I will update this post. You should have seen the grimace of Chavez.... Even without the sound you would realize that the man is near apoplexy.

And yes, this is the president of Venezuela speaking like something you dragged out from the sewer. So, you may ask, what drive a president to insult a people in such a way? Well, there is one explanation that comes to mind: last night Chavez received the visit of two Russian bombers at Maracay's base. I suppose he feels like a teenager with a permanent hard on and no idea what to do about it.

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And after this, the owner of this blog apologizes and returns to the more normal civil language he uses to hold, trying to resist the negative influence of the the president of his poor bewildered republic.

-The end-

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