Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The power of blogging

I had the pleasure to read that Aporrea does monitor Venezuela News and Views and that my post denouncing the Emilio Silva horrendous pamphlet has had an effect: they removed it. What is noteworthy is that they presented as reason for its removal the TWO paragraphs that I translated which albeit quite bad were not necessarily the worse of the lot (well, they were for me but we all have our brand of anti-antisemitism). I congratulate the board of Aporrea in removing that text and presenting apologies. I would have liked a stronger wording but in truth their condemnation is of better quality than the one from Maduro on Saturday so we must take what we can take.

Considering that Emilio Silva is at large, I will publish later in my Documents on Venezuela section his original article and the correction from Aporrea. Why? Because we need to know whether Emilio Silva is indeed a UBV "teacher" and if the UBV pretension at being a university are true. If they are we should see an official censorship of Emilio Silva as no serious campus in the world can permit such a tract to be signed by one of its members.

To the readers of this blog: may this serve us as a lesson that such hateful speech should never, NEVER go un-denounced no matter what pressure we may fear from this denunciation. Caving in or pretending to moderation will always lead us to Munich, even if it is only a web based place.

-The end-

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