Monday, February 02, 2009

Teodoro Petkoff on the Caracas Synagogue attack

I will be brief and only translate the last paragraph of his editorial of today Tal Cual:

The assault to the Synagogue did not come from these groups. This was not La Piedrita or Lina Ron. This operation was done by a very, very professional team high a training level. It is enough to observe the expertise with which they broke into two safe boxes to be certain that we were not dealing with some street scum. It was not the spontaneous action of an intoxicated crowd through antisemitic speeches, but the operation of a group located into a hierarchical order that was not acting on its own but following precise orders. From where did these orders come? One day we shall know. For the time being let's ask a dumb question. Will the police investigation reach somewhere?

I would like to stress that in my first post on Saturday I was already writing these words: "They knew perfectly well what they were doing, they knew how to find the Torah and left taking with them the surveillance videos." Teodoro Petkoff who went personally to the Synagogue on Saturday was able to conform what already I guessed.

The whole story might even be worse than what we thought at first.

And Chavez is still not condemning this as a normal head of state should. Instead today he gave suddenly the whole country the day off, unleashed his Nazional Guard to force certain business to close down and he convoked to a big rally where all public employees where asked to go. Soon our own little Nuremberg stadium for fascist rallies?

-The end-

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