Friday, July 03, 2009

Ledezma forever!

You have to admire the gumption of nearly destitute Caracas Metro Mayor, Antonio Ledezma. The guy went on a US of A trip where he nearly met with Obama, rumor having that Chavez avoided such an embarrassing meeting by calling US ambassador Patrick Duddy back. Si non e vero, e ben trovato.

Back in Venezuela, with many important endorsements from the US including from mayor's association, Ledezma has found a way to attract more attention to his plight, which is no other than our own plight since Caracas gauleiter Farias has proved herself totally unable to tackle the city problems since she was imposed on us, not even able to meet payroll for her public employees.

Taking advantage of going to the OAS office in Caracas to offer a a formal complaint about constitutional violations in Venezuela, Ledezma decided to stay and stage a hunger strike. You might think this slightly ridiculous but think again. At a time the OAS is all up in arms about alleged constitutional violations in Honduras, Ledezma points out to what are also real constitutional violations in Venezuela that the OAS under Insulza the clown is totally ignoring.

The OAS might or might not do something about it but at the very least it will be a possible embarrassment for Chavez if he keeps screaming a little too much at upcoming OAS meetings on Honduras. And certainly an embarrassment for Insulza since not only he did not do anything for the local election frauds in Nicaragua but he is not saying anything about the attacks on opposition duly elected officials in Venezuela. Wait until they receive him in Tegucigalpa and remind him of these things....

You can look at Google news and observe by yourself how effective is Ledezma in staying in the news. During last year elections in Venezuela I was the first one to predict that Ledezma could actually win the Caracas Metro office, and he did. I do not want to hazard further predictions on Ledezma but I am sure that we can all agree that 1) he is showing folks onw way Chavez can be tackled and 2) that it is a constant battle, not just a matter of appearances at Globovision talk shows. For this, even if he is not one of my favorite politicians, too linked to old AD practices, I must still admit my admiration for the man's fight. Half a dozen more Ledezmas and the Venezuelan opposition would not be in such a weak state.

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