Friday, August 20, 2010

Stylistic violence in Venezuela by Onechot

UPDATED!!!  Onechot now a target of chavismo!!!

Through Juan Cristobal (I would have never stumbled upon such a video on my own) comes a most impressive Zeitgeist-y video by Venezuelan artist Onechot.  In English, Reggae like.

Rotten Town from El Flying Monkey on Vimeo.

Update: we learned today that VTV has asked for an investigation on the video linked on top, which I learned today that it was issued this week. One of the silly accusations is that Onechot resides now in Spain! No wonder! Since there is no copyright protection in Venezuela artists are almost forced out of the country if they want to make a living out of their art.  I do not know if you have ever watched Tania Diaz talk shows in VTV, she could well be the poster person for those suffering for a total lack of humor.  The regime is really hurting....


  1. A video of great impact and a rallying cry against the evil oppressive Chavez government.

    Lies are lies and truth is truth, though some who claim to be against this regime would subvert the opposition message with excessive criticism and doubts.

    But the singer simplifies and clarifies, with the strength and transparency of a quality diamond..

  2. Roger4:24 AM

    This is a great view from the street as well as a great piece of film making. I hope they make more soon. If you can, comment on Vimeo, it helps encourage the outlets that count to pick it up. If you know the makers, help them if you can. This makes one think of Fredrico Garcia Lorca and others who wrote in the many other violent times in the Latin world.

  3. Roger

    As I wrote, I do not know enough about recent music to be of much help and I am just retransmitting Juan Cristobal great trove.

  4. Anda Por Los Frailes de Catia

    the ghost of Chavez

    you can go out some early morning
    to the ridge at the edge of dawn
    there the embers will still smolder
    though they burned all the night long
    and his Ghost will dance in silhouette
    like streaks against the sky
    as if the streaming ground itself
    reached fingers up on high,
    And blackened rakes of crows
    they fly,
    as from forests after fire
    in blinding pain they disappear
    into Mountains made of
    Carbon shapes ,
    jagge`d, black and steep

  5. Anonymous4:13 PM

    really excellent- although sad...

    I had never heard of these guys, but hopefully that will change. This is an excellent way of showing the world the reality of Venezuela, instead of something like Oliver Stone's hagiography....

  6. Anonymous8:18 PM

    darn it covers very quickly many facets of Venezuelan society and culture. Very well done from all aspects music, video and message.
    Beauty, BB, the rich, the poor, the politician with the expensive suit, the agony and at the end we are all affected and responsible at some level. No matter were you live you are affected.


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