Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fascism is not just censorship, it is active destruction of different opinions

And today chavismo gave us yet another shinny example of how intolerant they have become.  Fascists, we should say without any fear.
Expo Pudreval this morning
Voluntad Popular which I mentioned a few posts ago when they went to the CICPC seat to deliver an envelope only to be received by a human barrier of police bureaucrats, made another statement today that was promptly destroyed by chavista goons.

Expo Pudreval this afternoon, after a visit by the red shirted goons of chavismo.  Observe how all the posters have been torn down and thrown on the floor of the containers.
Leopoldo Lopez explains how to avoid future Pudrevals.
The initiative was very simple and yet brilliant: find a container like those who carried the food gone to waste in the corruption scheme of PDVAL and make inside a poster exhibit explaining to the people the magnitude of the loss, the extent of the corruption and more.  You can see plenty of pictures of interested people visiting and their tour guides in the Flicker page of Voluntad Popular.  I have selected some pictures to illustrate this post.

For memory, PDVAL imported at least 120,000 tons of food (some estimates go up to 180,000) and let them rot through sheer incompetence.  When I wrote my first post on that I was outraged that 20,000 tons had been lost.  Now, well, we are starting to count the paid for tons of food that actually never even made it to Venezuela even if it was for the compost pile.  The PDVAL sandal is now called PUDREVAL, which loosely translated means rotting-PDVAL.

People are interested
Sure enough, within hours a gang of chavista goons in red shirts came to tear down the place.  So, it is not only that you cannot express in the newspapers your opinions or expose news, now even in the streets you cannot demonstrate and claim for your rights, in particular for the rights to demand accounting from public officials.

This is moving fast from neo-totalitarianism to plain Cuban fascisto-communism.  It is not enough to censor newspaper pages anymore, even if, supposedly, it is for 4 weeks "only", in coincidence with an electoral campaign that does not look too good for the regime.  Now you need to shut them up at the source, from the start.  Which of course speaks a lot of the decomposed state chavismo is reaching really fast, more decomposed morally than the rotten food was physically.


  1. Milonga11:04 PM

    What you say is true. I've been following the Brazilian elections, and fascism there is also in the rise. Either you are with me, or you're dead! Not forgetting to mention our friends the K in Argentina. All in the name of progressivism, human rights and democracy! God! I feel sick!

  2. The demonstrators should recreate the same sort of presentation for next week.

    Only have someone with a movie camera safely hidden away on a rooftop nearby.

    If it's colour film, it will pick up the shirt-identity of those who don't want free elections.

  3. Gotta get those demonstrations out to the pueblitos.

  4. Second take on this post:

    What great news! We know what hurts them. So, keep doing that!

  5. Excellent idea, and it worked great in two ways - the reaction of those who wanted to see, and the reaction of those who didn't want it seen. Simple, effective communication of messages. They need to make this a mobile show, maybe with multiple containers. The response to that would be...interesting. Risky, too.

  6. Good idea, kudos to them.

    I would suggest, like someone else did, to be prepare from now on to film the regime's reaction.
    To do that we need to be really prepared. These days the technical part is easier: several people in different locations should be ready with cameras hidden in ways they can still use them fast. They should plan beforehand who is going to be when during what time. If Chavismo sees X taking pictures, it won't see Y and Z doing it. We need to document everything as best as we can.


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