Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chavez familiy time

With a hat tip to P.B. I cannot resit posting this little video of a convalescing Chavez (?) surrounded by his family (in particular his Mommy dearest).  You do not need to understand Spanish to get the pathos, the depression of Chavez and the personality cult that surrounds him to the point of posting on the web such a silly and even inappropriate video, titled in all simplicity "Chavez family encounter".


  1. Pure propaganda. Nothing more.

  2. Well definitively his energy is changing with his illness..his character, energy and drive are down.

    If it makes me feel sympathy for him, just imagine how it affects those who believe in him?

    Yet seriously I don't know, it could go many ways.Some people might see him rising from the dead, others might despise him for his weakness.

    What I like about the situation is that it has become more fluid, thereby allowing more change.When the main man moves, everything moves.

  3. Island Canuck2:50 PM

    Couldn't watch more than about 90 seconds.
    He just makes me physically ill.

    If I ever wished bad luck on someone it is him.

  4. Charly3:49 PM

    Belle brochette de cons!

  5. Curioso5:17 PM

    At around 2:38 some sort Of rectangular shape can seen clearly outlined under his shirt on his right bicep (camera left). Anyone have an idea what this might be? A medical device? His shirt also seems unusually blousy, as though concealing something (a bag?).

  6. talking bout a cult of personality, i hate football(soccer), but i think venezuela won a game of the Copa America, yeh congrats and all, but watching TV i saw footage of the Venezuelan "goooooool!!!" and then footage of Chavez watching the game and applauding and all. What the f*** does the president has to do with soccer? WTF ISTHAT!?!?! My god are people really that stupid here?? que tiene que ver el culo con las pestañas?

  7. Charly8:40 PM

    Just another episode of the Freak Show or is it The Adam Family?

  8. What amazes me, Daniel, is how he is looking more and more like his brother Adán.

    It used to be that I thought how Chavez did not ressemble any of his brothers. Now it amazes me how I see Adán in him.

    Is it just genetics after a certain age, or is it done on purpose (the flashes, the expressions, etc.).

  9. He is certainly weak. The slow motion movie just to hide that he is really in slow motion says a lot to me.
    Now the whole thing is just pure cheese. Corin Tellado at her best. I can't take it.

  10. RabbiBulla2:42 AM

    To exploit the private moments with the mother, etc.-the embraces,for political propaganda is another example of a crazed, megalomaniacal, narcissistic political animal who is so desperate for attention. (Re.Zelaya on the couch with his teddybear)Truly sickening to watch knowing the purpose of this whole musical skit-Miraflores is but a stage for theatrical performances(as is everywhere he goes) by Hugo and his entourage...
    Would that people could get brave enough to boo him...

  11. Daniel, si borras esto, lo entiendo perfectamente.

    Juan Crespo:

    Para contestar tu pregunta : "que tiene que ver el culo con las pestañas?"

    Te debo decir que la pestaña es el pelo mas largo del cuerpo, y tiene mucho que ver con el culo.

    De hecho, cuando te jalas una pestaña, pues el culo reacciona, no?

    Mis disculpas, pero no podia resistirme.

  12. RabbiBulla9:18 PM

    Chavez still did not say what sort of cancer is involved.

    He said the operation lasted about six hours and removed a tumor that was "encapsulated."

    "I had a big, big tumor," Chavez said. "When I saw that image, I said, 'My God, it's a baseball.'"

    THis information was "today's dribble"-an hour ago. Point is, it doesn't matter as I said before whether it was the size of a pea or the size of a basketball (Chavez chose middle path-ha)-as long as this stays in the headlines attention is away from the problems in Venezuela and Venezuelan foreign policy blunders, etc.
    Unwrap yourselves from this novella/tragedy...wake up.
    For example-why can't anyone in
    the Press ask the President anything they want? Like what happened to all those "billions"
    and when does Chavez ever want to stop framing everything like it is a war="fighting cancer-sending the
    calvary- what calvary???

  13. RabbiBulla3:13 AM

    Chavez-the philosopher now. Chavez the spiritual leader, the spiritual expert, the "all-knowing" belevolent dictator...
    Chavez spent his time in Cuba being indoctrinated all right, programmed -to go to the next level-Death of the Chavez-the younger-Birth of Chvez-the elder- the wise,full of love and grace- oh yeah- this is historical-massive
    Wake up-Chavez Phase II has arrived.

  14. Anonymous9:54 PM

    En realidad se ve con menos energía que lo que yo imaginaba. De lento caminar y hablar, nostálgico, como añorando...Sí creo que se nota algún bulto debajo de la ropa, y además es extraño verlo comer parado mientras otros están sentados. Después como que le dijeron a la mamá que terminara de comer parada...

  15. Bruni, you're on to something!
    Now he wears the same kind of eyeglasses.


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