Thursday, May 03, 2012

The S.O. was drafted to the chavista May 1 march

The old US of A embassy, now the tourism ministry 
 As a public employee he had no choice but to show up for at least an hour.  Before he found a was to sneak out he managed to take a few pictures and there you have some for your enjoyment.  By the way, the regime did pull all the stops and plugs and it was one of the best rallies it made in months.  Then again chavismo only marched in Caracas while the opposition workers did dare to do a few rallies outside of Caracas.

General comments: you will notice how red is the whole thing and how often they try to compensate for the absence of Chavez.

Thanking Chavez for a bonus, and a lousy translation at the bottom

These are the acronyms for a series of bolibana trade unions........

Of course, the "indigenous army workers" were drafted and they support the LOT, "new" labor law, even if unpublished and thus unread at the time of this picture......

There is even a socialist middle class representation (I suppose those like my S.O. that had no choice but to attend)

This one grates me because "cultores" is a new word for those that make culture like you make sausage....  Besides the Uh! Ah! I have yet to see anything of enduring cultural value created by bolibananarism....

Apparently some think that the LOT is a punch against Capriles.  Red fisted, of course.

Inflatable dolls of Chavez.  For the same objective?  they are getting screwed and yet they do not know it.

Of course, some Polar workers had to be highlighted.  Mercenaries everywhere.  I wonder what would happen to PDVSA worker joining the other march held elsewhere in Caracas......

And a good party at the end, with yet more smiling Chavez.


  1. Anonymous10:46 PM

    More pictures and images of Chavez will be displayed from now to the election since his personal appearances will become more limited. The photos of course will be of Chavez in better times or will be photoshopped to make him look healthier.

    Fewer and fewer people will attend Chavez political rallies as they realize he is becoming sicker. As it is, the people in the audience in the photos do not appear enthusiastic.


    Daniel take a loot at this, could it be true?

    This comment doesn't have to be published by the way,just check that out.


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