Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Post Chavez scenarios

It is merely impossible to attempt a likely scenario for the outcome of the current situation.  There are too many factors playing against each other and it is too early to honestly decide if any parameter is destined to become the game throwing item. Besides of course the expiration date for Chavez which I understand did not pass to a better world yesterday. Thus I have designed this little slide, cut to the bone, which summarizes very roughly what a rational mind can make of the current situation. As you click to expand a read keep in mind that Tarot card reading is as probably as reliable.....


  1. Charly5:44 PM

    Good chart Daniel. My opinion? Move over Chavismo, here comes Madurismo likely followed by Cabellismo. In summary, all of it is caradurismo.

  2. Ah Daniel, you're trying to make a face from the static. Interesting tho.

    1. At least it is the shortest amount of futuristic B.S. around, wouldn't you say?

  3. dave barnes7:13 PM

    Someone agrees with you

    1. Yep, they come to the same conclusions. In a way it is a no brainer and lengthy explanations are not necessarily anymore. Facts are finally catching up with chavismo.

  4. Dr. Faustus9:45 PM

    I disagree.

    The devaluation of the Bolivar cannot take place by May or summer, as noted above. The combination of under~90~dollar~a~barrel~oil and a dollar black market rate 5 times that of Cadivi will force a financial crises to take place within a few months. A devaluation cannot be simply kicked down the road.

    I'm glad to be back!

    1. The devaluation date is a political decision, these bozos have no regard for the consequences to our country. The dates I suggest are those that I think they truly cannot go beyond no matter how idiotic they can get during the succession wars.

      This being said, I think the devaluation should have already been made a year ago but it seems that Giordani does not read this blog :)

  5. One true believer..
    Hugo Chavez is recovering in Cuba after a fourth surgery to treat his cancer. On Tuesday, Sean Penn showed up in La Paz, Bolivia to speak at a vigil held in Chavez’s honor. Wearing a Venezuelan flag jacket, Penn called Chavez “one of the most important forces we’ve had on this planet” and wished him “love and gratitude.” He concluded with a puzzling tribute, saying, “It is only possible to be so inspiring as he is, as a two way street.”

    The AP’s video is below:

  6. Anonymous10:34 PM

    I like flow charts and this is a good one. It makes me think the October election was about Chavez the person (tv personality?)and not Chavezimo or PSUV or 21st century corruption for that matter. This next one is more about people who are not TV stars wanting to run day to day affairs in local areas and if they are corrupt have little access to Oil Money that most will never see anyway but, rather the voters, own personal money.
    To me this and the AN election will be not be votes about Hugo Chavez but rather his government and the path of "his" political party PSUV.

    1. exactly... and the worse part is that he himself said so, that october 7 was all about chavez, that nothing else mattered... the guy is sick on many aspects but his worse disease was the mental one.....


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