Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 17

Simon Bolivar and allegedly Juan Vicente Gomez died on a December 17. Will El Supremo and his sycophants push that far?


  1. As I asked you in twitter Daniel. Do you really believe he is already dead, or almost? I only see this possible if he died during the operation or right after.
    It does not make sense that if he was really going to die soon to do any surgery. Regards

    1. I do not believe anything. I do not worry about anything. Truly, that I write about it does not mean I am stuck on an endless loop on Chavez croaking prospects. Remember: I wish him to be alive so one day he can go on trial for all the crimes he has perpetrated. Still, I cannot help but notice the date coincidence, Mayan if you ask me....

    2. Los Mayas de las montañas de Bolivia? ;)

  2. Anonymous11:36 PM

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  3. dave barnes12:53 AM

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  4. Andrew6:12 AM

    The sooner he disappears the better for humanity...

  5. Anonymous10:45 AM

    And I hope that you die
    And your death'll come soon
    I will follow your casket
    In the pale afternoon
    And I'll watch while you're lowered
    Down to your deathbed
    And I'll stand over your grave
    'Til I'm sure that you're dead.

    -Bob Dylan (1963)

  6. Carlos A11:57 PM

    I'm a Venezuelan in Canada as you can see on my IP address. No matter how much I differ with the Bolivarian Revolution and its leader, I still see this post from you Daniel tasteless. No matter how much suffering Chavez may have brought to people (some people we must admit); his current health situation and impending death should not be used by a well educated person in any other tone but compassion and respect. You may delete this post, this is your page and your rules, just hoping you can take some respectful criticism....Carlos.

    1. Charly12:53 AM

      Maybe Daniel will take some respectful criticism but I won't. Since you live in Canada (where I come from)you may have heard this expression: " sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander". Chavez and especially his lameculos should have respect and compassion for Chavez victims. They have done nothing wrong. He has.

    2. Carlos

      I am on record, several times, in saying that I want Chavez alive so he can find his butt seated in a court of law.

      What I am addressing here is the OBSCENE manipulation that chavismo is doing of Chavez sickness to gain votes. And they expect me to show compassion?

      Be serious.

  7. Charly12:47 AM

    Even if he survives, with all the stuff they are pulling out of that dude these days, he will manage the country just like Dr. Arliss Loveless. It will be fun to watch.


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