Saturday, February 23, 2013

WTF News and Views?

Segue to my last night post.

Jaua (foreign "minister"): Chavez respiratory deficiency has increased [sic in Spanish, believe it or not].

Maduro ("Vice president"): we have had a 5 hours meeting with Chavez.

Same newspaper, almost same time publications. You tell me.

And it this was not enough, we get from another paper (for a change so you do not think that El Universal is the only one drinking KoolAid) that Maduro was ordered to fight back the economic war. What economic war? They call self inflicted wounds economic war? Maybe Chavez should watch out for Maduro stealing some of his anti pain medication..... Apparently we learned also that Chavez is fit enough to get gossip about what plane Capriles flies to where but he still cannot get sworn in.

As I have often written, it is a good thing that ridicule is not an mass extermination weapon......


  1. Milonga6:15 PM

    And Dilma says somewhere else that Chávez's health is under control. WTF?? really. I mean, I can understand why Maduro lies, but why Dilma? Let us sing Lies, with McFly: Better run for cover
    You’re a hurricane full of lies
    And the way you’re heading
    No one’s getting out alive!

  2. Anonymous6:26 PM

    I totally agree with the stance of your blog on Venezuela and it's politics. The whole issue of Chavez's health, return to power, not-return to power (...?) has become a real joke. When will we get the truth?

    Please check out, a blog in which Latin American native students comment on current events going on in Latin American countries, Venezuela included! That would be a great help!

  3. The photograph.... is that how the kool aid is formally served?
    Srsly, it looks lethal.

    1. NorskeDiv6:50 PM

      That's how they usually serve at the cult I'm a member of, yeah.

  4. Anonymous8:18 PM

    WTF? Win the Future? Whatever.

    It's great that despite his worsening respiratory problems el Presidente is still trying to inspire Venezuelans with his courage and determination, consistently with the efforts of his fellow patriots to inspire them with their consistency and vast knowledge.

    Can el Presidente borrow some of Raul's jokes about retiring?

    1. Hmmmm... Wonder if that's the reason why the government is pulling the Chávez-displays-such-courage-and=determination-to-fight-this-oh-so-difficult-battle. It suits the paquetazo agenda, if people are conditioned to suffer the difficulties "just like our Chávez".

  5. Charly8:46 PM

    Did the ministers communicate with Chavez through the intervention of a psychic or did they use a Ouija board?

    1. Come on Charly! You know better! It is through trance induced by cigar and caña blanca at Sorte!

  6. The surprises ,the chaos, and the craziness of Venezuela used to make it more magical than most places, but now it just makes us crazy.

    Today I felt a gut wrenching sadness remembering what it once was.


    Charly,At some point both Castro and Chavez will be laid out on slabs with a ventriloquist next to them, and nobody will care


  7. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Esto parece entierro de pueblo " dos pasitos p'a lante y pasito p'a trás", así nos tienen con sus declaraciones, partes médicos, ¿quién esta desquiciado, ellos o nosotros? La Maga Lee


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