Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Waldoniel likes this hospital

I have that sick romantic fantasy of spending a long but strangely pleasant recovery from some heroic glorious wound or some mystery glamorous disease where this recovery takes place in an old sanatorium with large windows of light and air. There would be a courtyard full of palm trees softly bristling in the afternoon.  In those days, when recovery is not painful but rest necessary I chit chat with other patients, we play majhong, or I read some small poetry book sipping my evening pills.  The governor, of course, comes on occasion all dressed in white to pay his respects in gratitude for my services to the cause. You know, like a much better shaped "English patient", one expecting a 100% recovery, circa 1920.

Yeah, I know, it is sick and I have read too many historical novels, and watched too many of their reconstructions, but I may have found the joint today, the perfect pre-AC architecture, where big windows are still open to avoid AC when weather allows. Though it is now in the middle of a bustling city :(

I do believe that the architecture is classical enough and may allow you to discover the country if you have traveled through it. Though I am pretty sure no one will guess the place. And if you guessed it then you are probably there and we should meet.

And say what you may, if you were sick you can think of much worse hospitals to recover at. So , there!


  1. The name of the hospital sounds to me like you are in a Portuguese speaking country. Perhaps Brazil

  2. So, Portuguese seems to be the language. Are you in Portugal, or even, Brazil?

  3. Boludo Tejano9:55 PM

    Sounds like Magic Mountain to me.

  4. Dr. Faustus10:16 PM

    He's still in Caracas, and in a mental hospital, teaching his cell mate and current Presidential candidate, Maduro, how to make bird noises.

    1. This sentence should have a "like" up-fist.

  5. The architecture and grounds are beautiful, Daniel. Truly. May you not recover too quickly ;-). Though it may not interest you, don't forget to people your fantasy with a few nurses in dress uniform and starched white caps, as well as doctors and related personnel, all in their pre-Adidas shoes regalia.

    The guessing took awhile, as I tried to place the architecture (roofing, windows) and elements in the landscape (white-painted palm trunks). Alas, couldn't figure it out without clicking on the image and finding the name: Irmãos Penteado, a hospital in Campinas, Brazil.

    Thanks for the guessing game, Waldoniel!

    I'm going to make a stab. Cartagena, Colombia?

    1. Ooops I forgot to eliminate my first guess, which is the last sentence in the above. It is not Cartagena, Colombia, but Campinas, Brazil.

    2. I did think about something involving nurses and sponge baths but this a family relates blog.

  6. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Donde sea no importa, es lindo y Ud. Daniel se ha vuelto sentimental, en este hospital veo muy bien a ciertos candidatos que ven pajaritos (Choguis, picon picon, preñados, ) que sé yo, el ambiente le limpiaria el cerebro.La Maga Lee

  7. Cambuí, Campinas - São Paulo, Brazil

    1. Yep, it took me 5 seconds on Google to get it. (http://www.flickr.com/photos/akiraikari/3673737980/) Beautiful building.

  8. Do I sense a slightly droll sense of humor ? Sounds like a sketch from "Amphigory Too" in which a dreadful illness might be given a lighthearted touch.
    Perhaps as you begin to recover and can sit comfortably on a large rattan chair out on the aging veranda , you might bend over an existential vacuum to contemplate the meaning of it all.

    Please be careful of the secret rooms with strange going- ons and don't stay so long that you begin to sift through plastic bags of fan letters with their endless requests, reminding you that you are needed.

    You gave me a grin and a chuckle, but I do hope for your speedy recovery, and I " pray" that soon you will be ready to meet the world.

    f pigette

  9. Beautiful building Waldoniel! Thanks for sharing. Do you know when it was built? I can't find it.

    Your "recovery" fantasy reminded me of another building. Back in the time (1920's) in Venezuela a different type of recovery (they used to call it "temperar") used to happen at the Hotel Miramar, in Macuto, built by JVG and designed by Alejandro Chataing. Also a very beautiful building, on the beach, with palm trees...


  10. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Havana! You are in Havana! I bet it is cheap nowadays.
    Are they accepting visitoes?


  11. Campinas is right.

    Glad to see that many apareciste the architecture.

  12. http://goo.gl/QFVID Brazil / Sao Paulo / Campinas / Avenida Julio de Mesquita, 571

  13. Anonymous3:43 AM

    It seems an Offshore Paradise...Apropo Offshore-Leaks...


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