Thursday, February 20, 2014

The long night starts, but the end is near

I cannot sleep, events unfold.

The regime has started the militarization of Tachira and Caracas. First it sent the Nazional Guard to support the "colectivos" in a shooting spree after night fall, during the Maduro cadena where he praised the "colectivos". Basically giving them carte blanche.

Tweeter has been flooded with pictures, videos of aggression, even murders. The goons went as far as chasing protesters inside private buildings and do all sorts of things, from arrests, to break ins. When you think that even a formal complaint of rape by gun cylinder has been deposed you can imagine what awaits a few.

I am not posting anything, I cannot verify anything besides the stuff I posted a few hours ago. I only follow 160 folks in tweeter and already this is too much too handle. Just follow the guys I retweet and you will have nightmares.

Around midnight it was confirmed that the regime has started a crack down in Tachira, threatening to arrest San Cristobal mayor, cutting Internet. There are already complaints that it is difficult to reach Venezuela on the phone though Internet seems to be working elsewhere well enough. Also at midnight certain areas of Caracas, quiet after the protest activity of the day are being militarized, I suppose as a dissuasive measure for tomorrow.

Again all of this from tweeter alone, nothing from TV or radio. CNN is present in Venezuela but they arrived yesterday, had a long day and even if out still may not be able to put anything up for a while yet. Other networks have folks here, like ABC news. BBC seems to have a not very competent team, in English at least. Others I have not been able to check yet though at least we can count on the Washington Post which blasted a terrific editorial a few hours ago, in agreement with Obama's word on Venezuela this evening from Mexico.

Why that surge, the worst repression in Venezuelan recent history, probably worse than anything under Gomez or Perez Jimenez?

Today the OAS shot its first nice warning, which indicates that there may be enough countries willing to condemn if things get worse. Hence the need to quell rebellion fast.

Today Lopez was not arraigned, the regime waiting until a few minutes ago to do so. Since justice is fully preordained and Lopez is a political prisoner, the regime had already taken the decision to condemn Lopez and preempted any possible rioting tomorrow by cracking down tonight and militarizing key positions in the cover of the night, to scare people away from protesting tomorrow.

Maduro was hysterical tonight, making a total fool of himself on CNNE live. It is possible that his internal enemies are whipping up the situation to hasten his downfall. Then again it is possible that his friends (and the Cubans) are playing that repression card as the last attempt at countering Maduro's enemies. Time is running short with an economy about to flatline and a growing international pressure.

Tonight the end has started. What will it be? Whose dictatorship? For how long?


  1. Daniel, I'm staying on the internet to follow your posts. Please be safe and let us know what is going on. CNN has the Ukraine on it, BBC has nothing about nothing, Sky news has nothing, Fox news is crap as always and Al Jazeera has something on it about Kazakhstan.

    1. The BBC coverage is striking in its need to minimize the appearance and scale of the anti-government protesters it seems terrified to show the arial shots we've all seen elsewhere out of fear of being "CNN'ed" by Maduro's brownshirts. It's like trying to be "balanced" in its coverage of astronomers vs flat-earthers.

    2. Anonymous12:02 PM

      BBC=Marxist synchophants

    3. Anonymous1:27 PM

      BBC still hasn't posted anything about last night's events, only the arrest and delayed hearing for Lopez. I'm not surprised as it doesn't fit with their agenda of leftist appeasement. The Guardian had a similar write up with 1 (one) photograph.

      FOX has covered it somewhat with help from the Associated Press. No video as of yet, but not quite "crap".

      I understand that the internet connections may be sketchy during this time in Venezuela, and expect more coverage in the coming days, but I wouldn't expect "better" from the BBC. It doesn't fit there. Even in Cuba we can see daily video / photographic evidence of repression, sometimes having to wait for the tourists to return with their tales of how life there is "improving".

      Perhaps when the revolution returns to Tachira, some brave soul can bring a USB key of video to Cucuta with their daily cheap gasoline delivery?

    4. Well also don't forget the Eason Jordan factor. Liberal democracies cannot crack down an aggressive press corps and get away with it so the press can be as rough and fair or unfair as they please to keep their internalized biases up and they'll keep their access.

      On the other hand, dictatorships (unless the ideological milk they want the media to drink is just too chunky to bear like North Korean and maybe Zimbabwe) can call the shots with respect to access and access means prestige ("We are THERE!" dramatic-newsie-chords-here). Press agencies that need to be "seen" being THE top international news organ can either do their jobs and be objective journalists until they are given the CNN treatment or be "fair and balanced" against the naked fascist in power and brave democrats who oppose them and stay on the ground not-reporting and get interviews with ever "popular" and victorious fascists and keep their ratings and "prestige."

    5. This is now breaking news on much of the world's media: BC, Reuters, Al Jazeera, CBC, CTV, Associated Press, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, NYTimes, CNN, and others joining in as the day passes.

    6. George Takei posted about this and shared this link with his millions of fans:

  2. If the ABC is in town anything they are producing is being swamped out by bulletins on the Ukraine situation where Kiev is on fire and violent death numbers are rising. US media has only so many hands and Maduro hasn't exactly put out the Welcome mat. That's why we need blogs like yours. You're doing a fantastic job.

  3. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Venezuelans need to stay strong and fight for your right. Don't take the bait to attend talk

  4. Anonymous7:44 AM

    Yes the Venezuelan people need to stay strong and ride this though. There is more media hitting the u.s. And world wide and hope it will wake people up as well. I can only hope u.s. And other countries help what's going on in Venezuela and some of my family. Its horrible to see things getting worse, but it could mean a new start as well.

  5. Ross is correct. Maduro gas been given a gift from the Ukranians.

  6. Anonymous9:22 AM

    I couldn't find the maduro on cnn. Do you have a link I'd like to see this, well like to get a good laugh anyway watching the burro try and talk to anyone that he can repress with a finger!

  7. Daniel I'm compelled to ask what makes you think the end is near? For me this is deja vu all over again.

    1. AN end is near. WHICH end? I do not know.

    2. The end of the night was near. It will take the awakening and organization of the people to fight the Cuban invasion that has been happening for 15 years and only recently they realized what it really means.

  8. Glenn, I thought the same thing till a day or so ago, but there is something about the unfolding events of the past few days which gives me a glimmer of hope.

    It's best not to see everything repeating itself...this is just a trick of the mind..time moves and our minds have to move with it but often our minds stay still while time moves past us.

    No moment is ever the same.

    Maybe nothing will come of this right but an imprint is being made that will forever add to the momentum of change.f-pigette


  9. Anonymous9:43 AM

    A possible break through in the international coverage -


  10. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Hi Daniel,

    I have many vidoes from Puerto Ordaz showing the violence and intimidation yesterday by the colectivos, but I think this video below shows the best example of the complicity of the state in their actions. It shows the colectivos returning to the military base in Puerto Ordaz following their rampage. I can confirm the authenticity of this because some of my relatives live in this district of the city.


  11. Anonymous10:34 AM

    This is an old link. (Feb.11) where it tells that China is planning to send 100,000 Elite Police to assist the Government.

    Gringo Loco

    1. Anonymous9:46 AM

      If China sends any police or troops, the US will immediately stop buying Made in China AND stop buying Venezuelan oil. China's already precarious economy will topple, as will Maduro and the Castros. China's allowing us to invoke the Monroe Doctrine would be a gift from above! Bring 'em on! I for one would LOVE to see more Cubans in my crosshairs as in Angola, Grenada and Ethopia. It's a short hop by chopper from Brazil, and Guyana.

  12. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Ho hum. Traitors are getting what they deserve. That's pretty awesome, in my book, and something to be celebrated.

  13. 1979 BP12:14 PM

    Time to arm???

  14. Anonymous12:39 PM

    End is near? Either this is about to start or the opposition is about to crawl back into a hole. I think it's time to arm.

  15. Anonymous12:58 PM

    The end is here refers to hope. Venezuela is Cuba. It's official. There is no going back and no hoping that any path the opposition chooses will ever bring about change. And the international media is asleep.

  16. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Facebook will not allow me to post a link from CaracasChronicle blog. It's been 'flagged'

    The Venezuelan propaganda machine is hard at work.

    1. Try this link to get around the block:

  17. Anonymous1:23 PM

    The world is slow opening it's eyes to what is going on in Venezuela. Even the US President has come out and questions the govt acts. Even though it seems that the world media is focused on the Ukraine, the people of Venezuela most take note and use the same tactics, which will mean more blood will be shed. If the Opposition fells to act, even more blood will be shed by the govt. The people of Venezuela most choose now what to do, shed some blood and be free or shed a lot of blood later and be a slave?


  18. Listening to Capriles’ talk today via he still is taking about dialog.
    Dialog? Is it not clear yet that bullets is what the government is about?
    Government and Castros is the same now.

  19. Anonymous3:30 PM

    This fight is up to VNZA to win. The US is not going to do anything after they supported the failed coup of Carmona..They had mud on their face after that when Chavez returned..They are not going to do it again...Which is actually better for VNZA and freedom believe it or not. If the US did something it would validate Maduro's claim about interference and imperialism. The US doing "something" would do more harm than good. In this instance they are actually helping to stay away from it until a new government arrives..This is up to the Venezuelan people who broke away from what they felt was some economic form of Imperialism, and now they must break away from Socialism and Castro..And they can and will do it..Esa Gobierno Nefasto se va a caer...y pronto...Dios Los Bendiga Los Estudiantes y El Pueblo...Son Valiente, todo...Adelante con la verdad y la lucha...

  20. Anonymous7:48 PM

    It is not the first time a people have fallen for a wolf in sheep's clothes. Do not say I told you so but say "Let us rage against the night." Inspire courage and pride. Liberty and freedom has a high cost...blood and death. Your people will pay that toll eternally if they don't muster the strength to fight against your dictator. In comparison to rise as a a well formed tightly clenched fist, you will suffer a mere wound. I pray for your people. GOD BLESS


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