Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sliding to Venezuelan hell, with a video from hellish Nazional Guard, and one from a reader

The mind reels.

The day started with CNN crew just arrived in Caracas being mugged by motor bikers carrying large weaponry. They lost their equipment. Me thinks that they were tracked by security since arrival and that their cameras were stolen so they could not transmit.

Disturbs kept all day long. And tonight apparently they got worse as many tweets report that "colectivos" undisturbed by the Nazional Guard or police are even breaking into homes. Reminder, colectivos = red shirted armed motor bikers, equivalent to your average fascist stormtrooper.

Lopez arraignment was postponed because of potential "troubles". A "mobile" tribunal has been set in his jail and I have a bad feeling. The more so that two of his principal associates at Voluntad Popular have received arrest warrants and it is rumored that at least the VP mayor of San Cristobal may be arrested soon. Clearly the regime is pondering the elimination of Voluntad Popular.

Maduro made a cadena tonight which ridiculed him internationally as CNN transmitted live the moment when he said that CNN was sabotaging him, full of lies about Venezuela. He also decided to ban protest marches in Caracas unless protesters pledged first submission, and for good measure praised "colectivos" which is one way to officially launch them into repression as probably he senses that the army is deciding that it went as far as it was willing to go.

I am leaving you with a video of a couple of Nazional guards that need no comment.

As a bonus I got this video from reader KM in Altamira as stormtroopers drive by shooting all around!!!

He also sent that pic on the amount of tear gas thrown in Altamira.


  1. kernel_panic4:12 AM

    daniel, omars position, as well as that of many, is that we should not keep on the streets, quoting him:

    "Hay que bajarle dos a esta vaina. La gente está en la calle creyendo que si se queda ahí, y la represión mata n muertos, Maduro cae"

    I think that, while his point is somewhat valid, by going back to our homes we are surrendering to the regime and well be even more screwed than ever...

    The problem is not how the venezuelan hell is, hell, were living it, but how we will OVERCOME it :S

    that, I think, is the big question

  2. Normally I am in bed by now, but I have a rare insomnia caused by boiling blood....I have been chatting with friends on facebook who are holed up in their homes in fear...collectives are passing in front of their houses,and gunshots are heard everywhere.

    This collection of subhumans has got to be some of the worst animals I have seen...of course nobody can go anywhere as long as there are so many gangs out there randomly shooting and I have also heard they are breaking into buildings.

    I am sure I would have been dead by now if I were there.....I would have spit in a National Guard's face, and that would have been it.I may have lived in Venezuela most of my life but I was raised in the US by a feminist mother, a firebrand herself her taught me to stand up for myself.

    I cannot envision the answer to all of this,I hope greater minds than mine will bear their weight on a solution.

    I have you all in my mind and heart right now.

    I do believe that LL was right though..



  3. Anonymous5:21 AM

  4. Anonymous5:23 AM

    Unfortunately I don't quite know how to embed a video in the comments, but the above links to a video on YouTube capturing the last moments of life of a young Venezuelan earlier tonight... how tragic.

  5. Anonymous5:25 AM

    Reports that military going into Tachira guns blazing.

  6. still, i tend to think that the criminality of this Cuban government will have a domino effect that will eventually do them in

  7. i have been awake all night watching events unfold all over. This is military vs unarmed civilians, i have yet to see a real gunfight. Many have died tonight. Many more will die. The army is against us,the govt is against us and the people, the fucking venezuelan poor people, their base supporters are a majority and they applaud this mounstrosity.

    I am very scared Daniel.

  8. Anonymous7:40 AM

    God save us

  9. The rules of war state if yo can't win, you retreat, and if you can't retreat, you surrender. However, if you surrender, the war continues. Surrender is not losing. There is resistance. There is passive aggression. There are many ways to fight without confronting armed thugs with peaceful demonstrations. I'm not suggesting surrender. I'm just pointing out that the situation now is not going to be a conclusive win or loss. It's probably going to speed up the conclusion economically speaking. Venezuelan bonds took a beating, and USA is considering suspending trade and purchasing oil which good lead Venezuela into default. The question I'm wondering is whether Chavismo cares about having a government that does more than lying and blaming and can actually do something about the serious problems that just keep getting worse.

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  11. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Daniel, regarding la guardia nacional, always remember:
    el honor ni se divisa
    la divisa es su honor
    my BEST wishes for you and keep up your EXCELLENT work


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