Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Patricia Janiot does Maduro in (and the bolivarian farce)

Patricia Janiot is a star reporter of CNN "en español". She has been a frequent visitor to Venezuela and was even conspued by Chavez publicly at a press conference. Her latest bout with the revolution was when she was obliged to leave in a hurry a year ago.

The least we can say is that her patience has been quite taxed and it is payback time. In a TV show that I mentioned yesterday she has shown the deep economical decomposition of the regime, the country and even its people. Of course, she has been insulted by all sorts of chavistas on Twitter but I am sure she does not care, she is having the last laugh.

I am not going into details of her show. The full low quality video is now available and in Spanish for those who can understand (worth the 40 minutes!). I can assure that SHE DOES NOT EXAGGERATE ANYTHING. This is what we are living in Venezuela and I have written a post in particular about the productivity issues here a few days ago. She just confirms it by interviewing key witnesses.

I just want to indicate a few things.

1) At the beginning she states that she started her work waiting for an official accreditation that she was told was coming. But three days after someone else called to tell her to desist if she did not want to go through another nasty experience of being run out of the country. Translation: she was threatened, but soldiered on as long as she could.

2) There is an economist of the chavista confession who is not interviewed in an office. It looks that he is interviewed at the Bolivar Square? Does not matter, there is already a lack of seriousness form his part, Then he can barely speak coherently and it is not because of the camera. And finally he should be ashamed to call himself an economist with the nonsense he burped ("why can't companies get their own dollars instead of relying on PDVSA" forgetting about such things like currency control or that Chavez forbade to export food, e.g.). If I mention this clown it is because this is the only stuff chavismo can present. Janiot even says that it was forbidden to her to speak with any public employee.... The nonsense starts at 15 minutes

3) at 14:42 there is a prime example of the chavista new man. He is probably a motor biker, he belongs to a "consejo comunal" and if you can understand him you will detect his class hatred, his brain washed arguments, his commie speech even though he lies about rules not being respected by business. If there is anything that chavismo has unwillingly achieved is that mainstream business fully follow legal rules as the fines and public scorn are sure to happen if they do not. Then again Freddy Blandin may be too brain washed to realize he is lying.

4) finally there is also evidence at how "el pueblo" is divided between "resentido sociales" who are chavista through and through and those who may have voted for Chavez at some point but are getting tired of this shit. That division is perhaps the scariest of them all as it carries the most hatred, in my opinion, as it cannot be justified on race of social class (as if hatred could ever be justified)..

I will extend myself on that scene.
It starts at 39:12 with a well filmed scene of the huge lines of people.
At 39:19 appears an woman as "pueblo" as you can wish, and as dark skinned as they come in Venezuela. She is bitching about the long lines. She states that she is humiliated by those lines, and that all the people there also feel likewise.
Observe the guy in a green T behind. At 39:29 he starts arguing with her and accuses her of telling only "her" truth (clear allusion to chavista belief that they are the lone holders of the truth). He also accuses her of all the code words used these days against people protesting the lines: escualidos, infiltrados (which is the latest one and maybe the worst since it means that you are an infiltrated/5th column agent to crate disorder and thus you are a traitor to the fatherland). There you have it, the lone chavista argument left, to criminalize you for your opinion. At the level of "el pueblo". Note that green T walks away as he knows very well that his arguments cannot hold water for long...


  1. Here is something that I do not understand about Venezuela and money.
    Dolartoday.com show M2 as relatively stable recently. Yet, inflation is at 60+%. How is VZ having inflation with no increase in the money supply?
    Dolartoday also shows international reserves as stable over the last year. How is this possible if the government is running such a huge deficit. Why are reserves not falling?

    1. From my understanding the money supply has almost doubled since the last year, went from approx 1200 billion to 2000 billion. The gov't attempted to control inflation through subsidizing basic imports and controlling prices. However this inflation of 60 some percent will spike soon.
      As for international reserves this is assets set aside to guarantee debt payment. A big portion of this for Venezuela is so called gold reserves they claim to have. Also in the last couple of months they added 4 billion from a Chinese loan (of which half was used within a month) and claimed to have added precious stones like diamonds to this reserve to prop it up. This has nothing to do with profit or loss of the country other then profit or loss can dictate a gov'ts ability to place money in the reserve. Now Venezuela has approx 21 billion in reserve and that much due in bond repayment through 2016. They will default on these payments with oil where it is and no one will do business with them other then for direct compensation. As it sits right now they have cut imports of most everything that they were subsidizing, hence no basic supplies, and are running a huge loss do to price of oil and the fact that half their oil is spoken for, dropping production (which will drop much more as they cannot invest in it or maintain production). They are a complete mess.

    2. Island Canuck6:05 PM

      "However this inflation of 60 some percent will spike soon"

      That number is totally unrelated to reality.
      The real rate for 2014 was around 120%

      All numbers provided by the government have to be taken with a huge amount of doubt. What the real numbers are will only be known once they are all thrown out.

    3. and claimed to have added precious stones like diamonds to this reserve to prop it up.

      Several fine young hogs, 24 yearling goats and in-kind donations from the Mexican race horse industry have also been recently added.

  2. The only way people still put up with that mess is a proportional amount of CORRUPTION everywhere to compensate:

    No hay harina pan o panales ni trabajo, pero mi mario aparece en 2 nominas del gobielno chamo, y asi inventamo, nos tumbamos la leche y la luz, y si no hay pollo, gueno algun tigrito sale sale y se compra otra vaina.."

    1. Anonymous7:29 PM

      exacto...y es increible la cantidad de oposicion que yo conozco viviendo bien y casi sin trabajar


  3. Anonymous5:58 PM

    No surprise about salazar confirming chavez died in cuba on Dec. 30, 2012, and of the coverup by all of the suckups...christina, evo, mujica, rafael, dilma, etc.,etc....


    1. Real question I have is did Chavez really tap Maduro or did the Castros. And one has to wonder if the Castros really had 100 percent control of Chavez and were they better served seeing him die and a more loyal pigeon put in place?

    2. Boludo Tejano9:36 PM

      Real question I have is did Chavez really tap Maduro or did the Castros.
      The Castros tapped Maduro. Whatever the Castros decided, Chavez enthusiastically applauded. Chavez was a Castro groupie from way back. From BBCMundo in 2006
      Yo soy sólo un soldado de esa batalla. Fidel es nuestro presidente. Si hubiera que nombrar un presidente del mundo pero con poderes para arreglarlo, ése sería Fidel.
      Creo que en una década arreglaría al mundo.

      “I am only a soldier in this battle. Fidel is our president. If one had to name a president of the world with enough powers to set it right, it would be Fidel. I believe in one decade he would set the world right.”

      The Castros already had 100% of Chavez. Knowing that Chavez was dying, they chose someone they could control.

      Re conspiracy theories: It might be said that Chavismo is better served by having Maduro in power during the economic collapse than Chavez. This way, loyal Chavistas can say that Maduro betrayed the Chavez legacy, that things were going well until Chavez died. Just like Evita. But how this might fit into the Machiavellian scheming of the Castro brothers, I have no idea.

    3. Boludo Tejano9:40 PM

      More background on Hugo Chavez, the Castro groupie, courtesy of Alek Boyd: An Overview on the Dynamics of Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Terrorism and its International Supporters.

    4. Anonymous6:23 PM

      Salazar did not say HCF died on Dec. 30th. That was Cochez who said that and I know Cochez' source. Cochez threw that out there to force the regime's hand... it's a bluff. However, the source does say HCF died on that day.

  4. Are you OK? I miss your posts.

  5. To understand that Chavismo and the social revolution put in place by Chavez is not working is very apparent. The "rob Peter to pay Paul" communist economic strategy has never worked and never will. I get it. What I don't get is what does the opposition of Chavismo really want? The anti Chavez supporters say they want democracy restored in their country. That makes sense. But after that, what is the plan? I lived in Venezuela for 12 years. My wife is Venezuelan and my children were born there. This doesn't make me an expert on the personal wants and needs of all Venezuelans but it does raise a few questions however. We've established that the anti Chavez crowd wants to restore democracy but do they still want gasoline at $0.04 per gallon? Do they not want to pay taxes? Will they insist on the crazy laws protecting the employee that serves no purpose and can never be fired? Does the anti Chavez crowd think that the oil in Venezuela is theirs and they want their share? The reason I ask these questions here is because I have already presented these questions to anti Chavez Venezuelan friends and family and the answer was absolutely YES! What that tells me is that Chavismo wasn't offering enough to the anti Chavez crowd. The "empty stomach" politics of Chavez and now Maduro is not enough for the anti Chavez crowd. The offer of a small brick house and free beans, rice was not what they wanted, they want more and rightfully so, but who pays for it? I would like to see what plan the opposition has that explains how they intend to move forward and save Venezuela from the communist destruction that Venezuela and her people have suffered. Respectfully submitted.

  6. Anonymous2:54 PM

    I enjoy reading your blog, Toronto, Canada

  7. Anonymous4:29 AM

    Daniel. Is everything all right?


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