Monday, February 16, 2015

Homage to the Venezuelan student (Repost)

I thought that with all the troubles these days in Venezuela I should return to blogging by repeating the post of February 15, 2014. One year later and were are we at?


  1. Looking back at history is enlightening. History is a free education in the absolute truths of days and years gone by. To deny this truth when thinking of the future is destructive at best making the denial of history the clearest example of a futile thought process. The aforementioned text is nothing new and it is known by all people.......well, most people. With respect to Venezuela and her leaders where history is concerned, it begs the question "where is Chavismo getting their guidance from?". Historical facts of a country is the best guide to lead a nation and her people forward. To look at the past and recognize the successes and failures of a country and then act in the best interest of the nation and it's people is only logical. When Chavismo looks to other failed communist nations and their histories then envisions success, you have to question their leadership. To deny the failures of Chavismo in the last 15 years is to deny Venezuelans the God given right of peace, freedom and happiness.

    1. Anonymous3:00 PM

      The problem with that theory is that everyone sees the past differently.While looking at the mistakes of the past in order to see how it led to the present, even more important is to really see what is happening in the present.Too much reliance on what we think worked and did not work in the past, will keep us from seeing that things have changed....conditions are never equal, and that we need to think on our feet...and not rely on set patterns.If not, far more Machiavellian people will get the best of us


  2. I stand by my comment. Denial of history is an ugly thing.

  3. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Robert, Interesting reasoning there :)


    nobody is denying History....I only remind you that it is subjective and that the present is different from the past...thinking on your feet is far more useful that relying on memes


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