Friday, March 31, 2017

Day 2 of the dictatorship: an evening of NO

The bomb of Luisa Ortega stating that the high court decisions are unconstitutional has gone around the world. Really, even French TV talked about it tonight. This means that the world KNOWS perfectly well that in Venezuela there is no separation of power, that all are mere employees of the executive branch. What would have been a mere judicial dissenting opinion in a normal country, making it or not to the nightly local news, becomes in Venezuela world news.

Certainly this has affected the regime way more than the OAS show earlier this week. A totalitarian bent regime cannot allow a single crack, even a single hairline crack far in the back of the monument. And Luisa Ortega as the Attorney General of the country (a 7 years job named by the National Assembly) is a hair line in the front, and growing.  First, Attorney General is a misleading translation: she is Fiscal, which means that she oversees all the lawyers that are in charge of all penal accusations in Venezuela. In other words she is essential for the regime as they need her to prosecute whoever they need to be prosecuted.  Her speech this morning was in front of her staff (dozens) who applauded profusely at some well chosen points. That is, there was a rehearsed quality, or at least those in the room knew what was going on around and chose to follow the cues. She is not alone, her head cannot be chopped off like that.

Why is she doing that? Let's get away from the conspiracy theories that have gone berserk on Twitter, in particular many from the opposition fans uttering some of the worst offenses to intelligence.
Truly, the hatred of some does more than cloud their mind. Let me just say this: if you know how the Venezuelan system works, if you recall your history books on totalitarian regimes, you know that no matter how well orchestrated a conspiracy theory Luisa Ortega is in, she risks her skin big, big time. For token a tweet against her today, from a chavista noted figure, minister more than once, somebody even considered by some to be a moderate technician:

[UPDATE! this tweet has been erased!!]

Note the highlighting of "agression", that is, chavismo considers the words of Luisa Ortega an agression against Nicolas Maduro. Yeah, right, independent powers....

Luisa Ortega is doing that for a very simple reason: she does know what the TSJ did this week and she does not want to get dragged down with the lot. She has done enough evil to risk sanctions, but she is far from being first in line for The Hague court. In fact she is probably one of the few chavistas that can still negotiate something, the more so that lately she has had some whimsical fits of independence in some of her decisions.

Note: I am not defending Luisa Ortega whatsoever, she has had enough negative mentions in this blog over the years.  The point here is that it will be much easier to dislodge the regime if we can break their unity. Today is a good start. There is no need to welcome her in the opposition, what she did today is more than enough for our cause.

As for what is next?

Maduro has been hit, to the point of saying on TV this afternoon that he had no knowledge of the TSJ decisions that made him a dictator. Yeah, right; and he also put up for sale a bridge in Brooklyn.  So he convoked in a hurry a national security council to solve the "impasse" between TSJ and Fiscal, as if he were allowed to do so by the constitution. Clearly, the guy has no clue whatsoever what separation of powers mean, truly, in political science. For him it is that the main office branches are separated by at least a couple of blocks, I presume.

Amusingly to such reunion the president of the National Assembly is supposed to assist and was asked to, but declined. Why not you would say? Because Maduro used the D word of dialogue, he lone strategy to gain time. At this point it seems that time for him has stopped being counted in days to go now by the hour. This is Maduro's baby, he is the one that gotta change the stinking diaper.

I will not attend the reunion. Maduro is responsible for the break down of constitutional order and he cannot pretend now to be the mediator.

This tweet is a good conclusion of the day by itself.

Later that night. The regime made a U-turn. The defense council asked the TSJ to review its sentences. As if the military function is to review laws and judicial precedent.

Well, it is in Venezuela--------


  1. IslandCanuck7:58 AM

    They are going to try and extricate themselves from this ill planned decision. Maduro saying he didn't know about the TSJ decision is another bald face lie. They didn't expect the level of world reaction.
    They are using Ortega as a pawn to have an excuse to back away from the mistake. I don't believe for 1 second that she made this decision on her own. She's too Chavista.

    Like the fracaso of the Bs.100 bill they do things without thinking it through.

    Daniel: As a side note I tried to post with my Chrome browser and it's impossible. The new comment just disappears which is totally annoying if you haven't saved it. This problem has existed for months now and forces you to switch browsers and rewrite the comment. As Chrome is now the dominant browser in the market it might have affected the number of comments you have received. I use Name/Url.

    1. Hi Island

      The blog is made and designed through chrome. I never use the other browsers. I have no idea why it would be incompatible with you. And sadly, I am too incompetent myself in code to even know own where to start. 😔

    2. IslandCanuck10:06 AM

      Works fine in FireFox. It may be the captcha which never appears in Chrome.
      When you click the "publish" button the comment just disappears.

    3. IslandCanuck11:46 AM

      After searching Google I found this explanation:
      "Your readers problem start with a filter, on their computers. The Blogger / Google login status, and the ability to post comments, is sensitive to both cookie and script filters. Your readers may need to enable (stop filtering) "third party cookies", in their browser and on their computer."
      I am blocking 3rd party cookies but I removed for a test.
      That worked!!!

  2. So in some other corners there's a suggestion that she's been backing away from the harshest repression of late, refusing to charge some people being held. ...and that's why some folks are now being tried by the military instead of civilian courts.

  3. New video:


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