Friday, March 31, 2017

Day 2 of dictatorship: just the morning and a bang

This is moving folks.

First, as expected more and more international condemnations are coming. Even Colombia straightened somewhat its statement of yesterday.

Second, sporadic protests are taking place and we can sense that it may get worse. And as expected the regime moves fast to squelch any, at least in downtown Caracas. In particular journalists seem the favorite target.

But the shocker is the first major defection of chavismo. For sure it is not a scandalous soap opera break up. But the Attorney General of the country (Fiscal de la Republica) who has allowed so many abuses of the regime decided that no, the TSJ decisions of this week are not constitutional.

And the regime was not expecting this as her words were pronounced live on State TV as she was giving the annual balance of her administration. She said them at the end so VTV would not have a chance to comprehend what was going on. {correction: VTV did cut but Globovision kept it up so the country knows}

Certainly on the video she seems hesitant, perhaps a tad scared about the magnitude of what she was unleashing. But she did say it and this is a FIRST for a sitting chavista. Luisa Ortega may be trying to save her skin for a future government, but she is also risking her skin if Maduro prevails for a while. Let's give her some kudos even if we hate to do so.


  1. These are encouraging news, but I'm not sure they will have a major practical effect in removing the criminal narco-regime anytime soon.

    - The renewed 'condemnations' from other countries or organizations will accomplish exactly what? Blah blah blah and no action. And even f they apply la carta democratica o some small economic sanctions, the chavista thugs will just laugh at all that..

    - More street protests? The dictatorship, corrupt Sebin corrupt police and guardia will crush them in no time. There will be more repression, that's all.More intmdaton, jailings, etc.

    - Chavistas turning a leaf and becoming 'democraticos', so what? There will be few, because most are corrupt leeches that want to steal as much as possible till the end, and those who join the weak opposition are nothng but clowns, lars and theves too.

    Effect of labeling the regime as 'dictatorship'? Not much, if anything at all. Prepare to wait till the end of 2018 for elections, and then something will happen, VERY slowly..

    Fnally, when the MUD nherts the Vzlan dsaster, what wll they actually accomplsh? Not much. Vzla s n such a deep hole economcally, socially, that t wll take many decades for them to see some real mprovemts. Corrupton and ineptute, and crime will continue for a looong time. Ese pays esta jodido, y no hay quin lo arregle.

  2. YouTube had a video today of college students protesting the TSJ takeover of the NA! And demanding national elections.

    1. here is the video:


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