Friday, October 15, 2004

The Carter Center keeps digging his hole deeper in Venezuela

Note: this I just got from TV this morning and I have not been able to find links to verify the information to my full satisfaction. But this is what happens when you do live time blogging!

The Carter Center has announced that it will not come to Venezuela to "observe" the regional elections of October 31/2004. No press release appears at this time on their web page.

Globovision reports it in a snippet but no link to a full info. According to Globovision the info came from the CNE but nothing on their web page.

An RCTV journalist this morning claims that the Carter Center does not come because "the opposition did not accept its report". Boohoohoohoo... Crocodile tears!

Meanwhile on a semi related issue, a group of citizens that are taking the constitutional provisions on electoral matters at hand have called the OAS and the "Group of Friends of Venezuela" to monitor their actions. In the reported news the Carter Center does not appear. More details in Miguel's blog.

Gee, I wonder if the Carter Center did not prefer to "refuse to come to Venezuela" before it got a "refusal to be received" by one of the parts... But the Carter Center is mistaken if this is going to help its reputation in Venezuela, or Florida for that matter. The RCTV journalist reminded the audience the Florida flop, assuming that this was way more important of Carter Center resources, rescue the Democrat chances there. None is fooled, President Carter.

But I am always willing to help to try to recover the Carter Center image. This is the type of statement that Ms McCoy could have issued:

Considering that the conditions of observation in Venezuela cannot be met as per
the dispositions of the CNE, the Carter Center cannot work in Venezuela any more
until there is more openness in the electoral system.

Look! Short and sweet and addressing both the government and the opposition! While demonstrating that the Carter Center now has doubts about the Chavez administration!

But this is not going to happen as the arrogance of Carter is only too well known and he prefers to let Chavez ensure his authoritarian regime than to recognize his mistakes.

PS (added later): a reader sent me this link with the communique. Unfortunately this does not put my mind to rest. They blame the opposition refusal at accepting their report as a reason why they will not come, while not addressing the reasons as to why the opposition refused to accept the Carter Center report. The CNE on the other hand keeps receiving praise even as one of the directors is out and amazingly its legal replacement has not been allowed to take his seat! Is the Carter Center even reading Venezuelan news? Yet another case of Me good, You bad. My above post still stands as is!

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