Monday, January 17, 2005

Venezuelan blogs in the local news

El Nacional had today an article on Venezuelan bloggers and yours truly is mentioned. For those interested you can go to El Nacional page (by subscription but that particular section is free). On the left side column look for the picture of "todo en Domingo" and click. A new page will open with the Sunday magazine. On the top left corner click the down arrow to go to page 5 (TD5) and start reading and clicking as needed.

It is a good article showing that the blog movement is progressing well in Venezuela and that it could become a thorn in chavismo's side as it would be very difficult to control that type of information source. The future is here.

One comment. One of my cited "qualities" is that I have been at it for two years. I would like to point out that Miguel has been longer then me at it, and has been a member of Veneblogs longer than me too. The journalist could have mentioned him as well. I just felt that I should say that for the friendship I have with Miguel and my deep admiration for Miguel's work.

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