Thursday, June 16, 2005

Another Cadena

Three days in a row. The same reworked cadena at the glory of Barrio Adentro 2. We get close up of equipments made in Cuba (are they any better, cheaper than what can be found elsewhere?). We get "it is the same quality as in private centers" (based on what criteria since the speaker tells us that these people could not have access to private clinics). We get "and it is all free" (for the patient, but who pays? Did no one told them that there is no such thing as free lunch?). We got "the middle class can come here instead of going to private clinics" (Thanks you very much but I will hold to my health insurance for a tad longer and to the doctors I am used to see; I'll visit a BA2 in one year and see how it holds up before trusting my health there). We get "I am a Venezuelan doctor collaborating with my Cuban colleagues. Please, newly graduated Venezuela doctors, show some solidarity and come over to work with us" (should I read that as an admission that the paychecks suck?)

We do not get "will there be enough money to have free health care for all of the population considering that the our per capita is not even comparable to, say, Canada which is struggling to keep its system afloat?" Until when empty promises? What is wrong with making Barrio Adentro EVERYWHERE before moving one to II, III, IV and so on?

Who are you trying to fool? Not me.

But we know that the idea here is to shore up your bases as corruption is suddenly showing its ugly teeth everywhere in an unexpectedly sudden onslaught. So let's talk, and talk, and talk about the only thing that right now works in your circus. At least your core vote will stick with you in the coming days as you deal with corruption, rebellious soldiers, drug kingpin running away, international disrespect, etc, etc... Have fun, we'll watch! Every single Barrio Adentro cadena you throw at us, because we know that the more you force it on us, the more in trouble you are.


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