Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The plot thickens: the Venezuelan military stew (and side dishes)

The political day started with Chavez expanding on the assassination attempts against his persona. Apparently it is from outside, without involvement of Venezuela's military (probably too busy ransacking gold diggers in the Amazon?). Unfortunately, when he added the following, critical minds raised an eyebrow:

In the Parque Central building were found evidences. There was a group of Colombians, on broad daylight, say the neighbors, checking out the place, going in and out, looking for the best angle to shoot from.
I have that vision of one of the most crowded buildings of Caracas, where elevators do not work well enough for the all essential escape route, with a bunch of Colombians discussing the operation with the neighbors, asking to borrow their balcony for a few minutes, janitors complaining about the left bullets on the floor after the practice shots of the assassins, etc... With paid killers like this, Chavez can sleep at ease!

But assassination is less and less the reason why parades are suspended, no matter how hard Chavez tries tries to push the argument. Miguel reports that rumors are growing fast as to what is happening inside army barracks.

This breakfast was accompanied by the midmorning snacks of Accion Democratica announcing its stern opposition at YET ANOTHER modification of the penal code. It seems that the chavista administration has opted once and for all the rule "set the penalties of the game as you go" system. That is, the recent controversial legislation apparently was not restrictive enough, more "crimes" must be added to muzzle once and for all of these nasty people. For example those questioning PDVSA accounts?

And to add insult to injury, Spain unfortunate foreign minister, Moratinos, the one who has worked to ease Europe stand on Cuba, to befriend Venezuela, probably tired of all of his failures and troubles brought upon him, has grudgingly accepted under questioning that Venezuela is evolving towards populism. Welcome to the real world Moratinos!!!! We have known that for years! What took you so long? This is not good news for Chavez who in spite of having the most favorable Spanish administration he could hope for, assorted with the most possible friendly leftist ambassador he could receive from Spain, still manages to receive veiled criticism from Spain!!!!

You cannot fool all the people all the time.....


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