Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A tale of two preachers: Pat Robertson and Chavez

Normally I would not bother writing about this type of story but I have received so many mails on that that I feel obliged to post a note.

Evangelical preacher Pat Robertson, of the 700 Club fame, of the 1988 presidential run adventure, has asked for someone to shoot Chavez. I read somewhere else that one of his arguments is that since Chavez claims everywhere that the US is trying to take him down ,well, "we" might as well do it.

This is in a way hysterical. After all, Chavez who has become a preacher himself, spitting as much fire and brimstone as Pat Robertson in his younger days, is just collecting his verbal due from another preacher who apparently takes all of Chavez speeches against the US as true. Some of his very own medicine?

The vice, Jose Vicente Rangel, of course jumped on the issue making a fool of himself claiming that Robertson, an has-been, is direct evidence of US terrorism, or some such nonsense. Well, Mr. Vice, Robertson might be to Bush what the Tupamaros are to Chavez when they shout against the US. Should Bush demand that the Tupamaros be arrested for terrorism? Or that the "youth" that put the US on trial a few days ago should be called upon their terrorist words? Gimme a break!

Should we give any importance to Pat Robertson words? None at all. He already got too much exposure, and he is embarrassing greatly the White House who had to come out quickly to dismiss his words. After all he is the man that called for hurricanes to hit Florida when Disney granted equal partner benefits to its homosexual employees . In my book, Chavez, Jose Vicente and Pat are birds of a feather. When you keep shouting the extremist line all the time, well, you are bound to get an echo.

'nuf written!

PS: just for the record. I do not want Chavez dead. I want him alive and put on trial for all the hurt he has done to Venezuela since 1992, for all the people that died due to his reckless actions, for all the sick people that did not get good health care because of all the money he squandered around the world and at home, for all the corruption that he has ignored, if not blessed, past and present regimes included.

Note added that evening: In Alo Ciudadano catching up with the news I was pleased to hear that all of Venezuela condemned the stupid declarations of Pat Robertson. Furthermore it seems that there is some weird maneuvering in the CBN web page between a report on Venezuela that was never aired and today's declarations of Robertson. Even better, apparently Robertson might have broken a federal law or two. So we might get at least something good out of that ridiculous episode: Robertson might get shut up!


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