Friday, December 02, 2005

Grado 33 and the vice

So, in prey of some insomnia (psychosomatic diseases have become general since Chavez reached office) I decided to wait for Grado 33 at 12:30 AM. It was worth it. Worthy enough of a cadena to hide it, I would almost dare to say.

The format was simple and effective. Grado 33 presented people explaining calmly, in great technical details diverse aspects of the problems of the electoral system of Venezuela, and what could be done to get out of this deep crisis. After each segment, the presenters of Grado 33 said “and this is what the government replies” followed by excerpts of the vice infamous press declarations which have as sole argument “It is an electoral coup, a conspiracy” plus some assorted insult. No argument, no explanation, no technical rebuttal, just raw emotional screams from the vice president. Exactly what you would expect from a spoiled brat caught with the hand in the cookie jar, as Quico reminded us a couple of days ago.

As I type that I was also realizing that today’s cadena which I reported extensively a few hours ago was actually a crime as many laws were broken by Chavez:

  • It was a political speech of two hours to defend his side in the middle of an electoral campaign.
  • It is an attack of two hours against people that have no way to reply.
  • It is a defamation, a public insult to elected officials that have shown much greater respect to Chavez than what he showed today when for example he treated Rosales of Coward, publicly, in cadena, repeated times.
  • It is an economic loss inflicted on private property who are deprived of prime time revenue EXCLUSIVELY for Chavez personal interest.
  • And a few more that any lawyer or any international observer could come up with on his own.

Surely the high court will investigate tomorrow morning first thing.

I have three little sets of questions tonight before going to bed.

Sobella Mejias, what is the deal? Why have you not resigned yet? What about showing some spine instead of waiting for your retirement? An informed source told me today that you are waiting for your retirement early next year. Is that the reason Sobruta?

And for the international observers. You saw the cadena. Aren’t you writing your report and packing your stuff to leave yet? Can you still in all conscience just “monitor” the Sunday election? Don’t you think that just leaving without a word would be the very best you could do for Venezuela? Would not that be the right message without even uttering a word? Do you think you can discuss seriously with a president who insults on prime time the duly elected governor of Venezuela’s mains state, after he made a serious and conciliatory speech? Are you going to let yourself Catercenterized by Chavez?

Has anyone noticed that the Carter Center is not mentioned anywhere, not even to criticize it anymore? How inconsequent can one become, no?

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