Friday, December 02, 2005

Shining moments in ignominy

Chavismo is running scared. I am barely back from work and I have already witnessed two moments where the only thing one can think is: whow! How abject can one be?

Moment 1: A mob scene. It is lead by Diosdado Cabello, dressed in red and followed from some of the gangster mayors of Caracas. They are doing a mob pressure moment, reminding more of the French Sans-Culotte storming regularly the Constituent assembly of 1793 Paris than any normal democratic manifestation. Their objective was to demand that Conatel, the media official watch dog, monitors the private media against a Media Coup. Of course the obsequious Conatel head agreed with everything. It has to be noted that there is campaign against the media, a virulent one even, and one wonders if chavismo is getting ready to dare shutting down some media, preferably Globovision.

Moment 2: The "Moral Power" comes to the CNE to support it. The Moral Power is one of the new two powers that Chavez pulled out of his rear in 1999. And as such they have remained. They include the Ombudsmen, the General Prosecutor and the General Comptroller. Their role is to protect the citizens from the abuses of the executive (a "power" for that?) but in fact they have been actively involved in protecting chavismo misdeeds.

Well, the three guys came to the CNE.

The Ombudsmen, German Mundarain, was the one that spoke the most. Among the many silly things he said, he explained that people should go to vote and that it did not matter that a "few" candidates had withdrawn, there were still plenty to pick from. I do not know about you, but my intelligence is rather insulted by that statement. Not for the nature of the idea, but from the obvious contempt that Mundarrain unwillingly (?) showed, meaning basically: do not worry, it does not matter who gets to the National Assembly, Chavez will do as he pleases anyway". Now we are fixed.

The General Prosecutor, Isaias Rodriguez, must have thought he was declaring for the nth time on the Anderson case. His voice was somber, his tone halting, he is obviously not in control of his mind. He went on some kind of political rant that made no sense. Pathetic!

The General Comptroller of the Nation, Clodosvaldo Russian, spoke. He speaks less and less these days, and his broken and barely intelligible voice hints that he is either getting senile or is not resisting well the pressure of his office, collapsing like Isaias is. His role is to investigate the fate of the nation's monies, but his real role is to hide all the gigantic corruption that the regime perpetrates. He certainly must have a heavy burden on his conscience if he has one. Well, the only think he had to say was to refer to abstention events of the past that did not bear much fruit. If he is basically right, his choice of examples was rather wrong or totally out of context. It was senile manipulation.

After seeing these three Stooges, one really can only think of those obscure officials that were sent forward in times of crisis by the holders of the real power to defuse with outright lies and manipulations, and inscrutable imbecility, the pressure. It usually works for a while as people are so flabbergasted that such people use such arguments that for a short while they are speechless. The Nazis were pretty good at that, but Castro also has a selected group uttering professional nonsense like Alarcon. Must be part of the system I suppose...

At any rate, a confident government, one that thinks it rides the good cause , does not need to resort to such low manuevers to try to convince public opinion.

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