Friday, December 23, 2005

Venezuelan Justice: the corpse worth

A few days ago the verdict came for the "Guevara brothers" accused of having carried the murder of Danilo Anderson. One got the maximum sentence, 30 years, and two other got 27 + years, which is as good as the maximum penalty. The trial was plagued with many problems, in particular very questionable witnesses, upon which the sentencing seems to be based. As for the "intellectual" authors, the evidence has been so questionable that the court had to release them to be tried in liberty. There are things that even a pro Chavez judge cannot quite do.

On a much more discrete trial the result was quite different. Maritza Ron on the morning of August 16 2004 took her flag and when to protest the Recall Election result. Promptly a few thugs appeared on Altamira square, killed her and injured a few other. Dozens of reliable witness, including the injured ones, and even pictures of the murderers shooting. No doubt as to the identity of the assassins and their motives. How many years? 11 years only.

So we know now that the life of a prosecutor that dabbled in extortion is worth the life of three civilian protesters and scores of injured.

Then again we also know since December 4 elections that Venezuela belongs to only 15% of its citizens. The ratio is right I suppose.

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