Monday, December 12, 2005

Vote! Vote!

Vote! These are not Venezuelan elections. You vote counts! And your vote can put a Venezuelan written blog over the top. Please go there and vote for either the Devil's Excrement or Vcrisis and bring attention on Venezuela. We cannot let these Cubans beat us up! Wait, those are good Cubans! Sorry Val, sometimes I think it is just a rugby match....

At least this year the Latin and South American Blog contest will get a nice place under the sun, with way more votes than last year. And lo'and behold, noted anti Castro Babalu and Real Cuba, with anti Chavez Devil and Vcrisis are holding all the attention.

So please, go and vote. You can do it three more times until the last day, December 15.

Ps: I am allowing myself to make some other endorsments. A little bit late but...

For blog design I like "Coming Anarchy". Does look a bit like Sumate Files, no? Besides they do graphs and maps, and well, I am a sucker for that.

For gay and lesbian blog there is one lesbian blog I liked. Their comment on Brokeback Mountain came from the reaction of an ex-gay talk show host. Priceless.

For best African blog, This is Zimbabwe, of course. Where Venezuela is headed.

For best European blog I have to go with No Pasaran because, well, no one escapes their scrutiny for ridicule and they are French.

For best culture/gossip blog I have a tie. I like my gossip to be sharp but not too mean and Perez Hilton or Go Fug Yourself are kind of fitting the bill for a good laugh.

Best liberal blog has to be Wonkette, though she could be running in the above category.

For the best comic blog, no contest. This cartoon of Cox and Forkum on Chavez paranoia is simply superb and gets my vote in a very, very contested field.

For best group blog, our friends at Publius Pundit covering all sorts of democratic revolutions. Chavez can be comapred to all sorts of authoritarian thugs amply discussed.

For best new blog I have a problem, too many choices. From the right with Atlas Shrugged to leftier blogs such a Glenn Greenwald passing trhough All Things Beautiful, I will not tell you which to endorse but will advise you to visit all and vote. There are a few promising starts there.

And for best blog I was tempted to chose none as all are too US centered, be they liberal or conservative. However Instapundit has shown a consistent interest in Venezuela so my vote goes for him. I hope the other guys will become more aware that there is more to the world than the US and Iraq to fire intra US political fights.

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