Friday, March 31, 2006

"La Lista" in Hispalibertas

A few weeks ago I posted a review on the documentary "La Lista". Said documentary, far from the embellishments of pro Chavez videos such as "The Revolution will not be televised", described in acute details how chavismo established a political apartheid based originally on those who signed to ask for a Recall Election against Chavez in 2003.

Slowly but surely that incredible and disgusting story is getting the attention it deserves. The delay was long because simply put, civilized countries cannot believe that a "democratic" government would blacklist 30% of its citizens (and growing!) Not to mention the incompetence of the opposition in not sensing the advantage they could take from that (and the fear of the victims, well shown on the video, to go for redress to a pro Chavez judicial system).

Now, not only the European Union report on the December 2005 elections in Venezuela addresses specifically the by product of the Tascon list, now become the Maisanta program with all Venezuelan electros and their "political activities", but folks such as the e-zine Hispalibertas asked me to translate my post on "La Lista". This request from which I am greatly honored, forced me to even redo the art work as all had to be in Spanish. But in a way it was fun because now under the captions of Chavez pictures, the reader can see the actual fascistic words that Chavez pronounced at that precise moment in time, recognizing the criminal he is for allowing deliberately such an instrument to be established by his sycophantic followers.

So now you do have the two versions of the reviews to transmit the unbelievers of your choice. I was also told that portions of La Lista are becoming available on the net. Soon you might not even have to buy the video though purchasing it will help the civil liberties actions of Ciudadania Activa.

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