Monday, June 05, 2006

Special post scriptum on the Peruvian election polls

Reading my colleagues I am reminded of the Chavez favorite pollster that keeps giving sky high numbers to Chavez (Rangel alluded to it recently through a poll that he preferred "not to name yet" giving a 70+). That fake pollster who pays for full page adds in Ultimas Noticias to attack the anty Chavez blogs, was at it in Peru, claiming a track poll that was giving a 18% lead to Humala. I mean, how wrong can you get? Chavistas dispatched over there to help Humala in any way they could seem to have mentioned NAOR, managed by heavily involved in corruption scandals and easy "bolivarian money" Julio Makarem.

I will leave the details for you to read at Quico (here and here), Alek, Miguel, or even a late post of yours truly.

PS: watching Telesur this morning trying to put a best face on Humala defeat was a truly exquisite moment. All on VTV of course, who is not having a good week :)

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