Sunday, July 30, 2006

Addenda to previous post

Last Friday I reported on a an ad paid by the government of Anzoategui state that had a clear anti semitic connotation. I did not have time to translate it but today I did manage to translate the two last paragraphs. It is enough. The translation was difficult as it is a deadly language, ill written pamphlet, abusive use of commas. But I hope the flavor has been carried. Some comments at the end.
Convinced of expressing the voice of a people living in the highest human values, who has welcome in its territory with respect and love Arab citizens, and that through its history has repudiated and will continue to do so, violence as a methods to settle political conflicts, following international right, and the Pacts and Agreements signed and the most genuine values of men and women who aspire build a society of rights and justice according to the frame of our constitution; considering that the current Israeli government, and the neo-con elite of the United States, by bombing bridges, roads, schools, housing, entire cities, is a slap to the world stability, and puts in evidence the double moral of the international policies of the US, which has protected in the UN Security Council the armed aggressions committed by neo fascism, justifying the policy of holocaust committed against the Arab peoples by the most recalcitrant sectors of the Israeli ultra-right, that since the year 2002 until today it has left more than 783 assassinated Palestinian kids, 22 hospitals destroyed, 200 000 damaged houses, where more than 30 thousand children less than 5 year old suffer from malnutrition as a consequence of the war raids that have produced more than 600 000 refugees. Considering that the leadership of the US, has financed economically, militarily and morally the policies of extermination with the objective of winning the support of the Hebrew minorities in north American lands, convinced as we are that it is our duty to avoid a new Auschwitz in the territories of Southern Lebanon, where more than a million two hundred thousand people are international prisoners of Zionism we exhort NGO, Foundations, [call for support from anyone in Venezuela to join a protest march] to reject the genocidal policies put in place by Israel and its associate the US imperialism, against the Arab people.
Of course, some of the Israeli actions have been ranked from clumsy to stupid to totally condemnable. War is never clean but partial war is even worse. With this provision made let's observe first the long catalogue of complaints strictly from an Arab point of view (the add does not really differentiate between Arab, Muslim, Lebanon, etc...). We even have the exquisite almost oxymoronic "more than 783", as if 783 was a bench mark , as if "less than 783" could be acceptable. This is in the purest "revolutionary" parlance, of stressing to the stupid points that need not to be stressed. But remember that the objective here is not to call for peace but to whip anger against Israel and the US. Another is the cheapening of hallowed words such as holocaust and genocide and Auschwitz. I have already reported it in the past but in the text above they do acquire and even more despicable sense as they are used against all proportions against Israel. What is even more grating to a Venezuelan educated ear like mine, is that these people that think that the Jews should stop bitching about Auschwitz are the same ones that justify all of their current misdeed one the “horrors” of pre 1999 Venezuela. But if accuracy is excruciating when one reads the crimes of Israel, it stops elsewhere. Besides the no mention of suicide bombers in Tel Aviv or of Katyushkas rocket bombing, one reads that the US Neo Con court the “Hebrew” minority of the US (hebraica, which is a PC way to say Jew in Venezuela that is even worse than just say Jew). As a reader mentioned, this is a willful ignorance of the fact that the Jewish minority in the US tends to side with the Democrats and that the defense of Israel is based historically on much, much more than what the Liberal Jews have to say. But what does Tarek or his boss know or want to know? And let’s not forget about omitting that Hezbolla being financed (and led?) from Iran where women are forced to wear a veil and where gay teenagers are executed in public hangings. But the chavista crowds are certainly not going to do much research on that matter: what Tarek (and their boss through Tarek) say is The Word.

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