Sunday, July 16, 2006

A poetic essay on Kalashnikov gun totting jerks

On occasion one comes across a terrific investigative report made by a blogger, without even needing to leave the comfort of his living room. Venezolano Puro (in Spanish, sorry) has written a fabulous essay on how diverse dictators, terrorists and assorted bandits, including our very own president Chavez, have brandished the most infamous "weapon of the people", the Kalashnikov in one of its diverse presentation. Not to be missed even if you cannot read Spanish: the images are self explanatory.

I just took the liberty to lift the very Chavez picture to make sure that no one will miss it, not even sweet Cindy Sheehan who, in a cosmic coincidence, keeps babbling more nonsense about Chavez, showing that she has not a clue about history and peoples and cultures. At this rate her usefulness for the left will soon expire. Unless of course she comes full circle from her primitive pacifism and ends up brandishing a Kalashnikov of her own with Chavez next time she treks this way. All is possible under the glorious Bolibanana Revolution.

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