Monday, July 17, 2006

Updating the blog

I have been avoiding the blog. With the Middle East worries, Venezuelan electoral worries, Venezuelan corruption worries, Venezuelan violence worries, all getting worse by the day, I had so much to write about that I got a writer's block of sorts. So instead I updated my link section.

It has been more than 6 months since I did the last check up. Today I had to remove about a dozen links expired or now worthless (amazed that so few of them had to be removed, actually). I also added several I had been meaning to add (but I am quite aware that I have forgotten some of the links that I have received in the past few months so please, send again if you think I should link a given page I might have forgotten).

I took the opportunity to rearrange links in such a way as they might be of better use as the electoral campaign gets under way. The only real innovation was to add a new section: "Relevant info to expose some of the regime's propaganda and human rights violations". I kept it to three sections only, human rights, the Tascon list and chavista propaganda debunking info or videos. This way it would be easier to find them when needed as philo-chavista visits are bound to increase (be it here or elsewhere, you will know where to find the crucial links). Please, send suggestions that can make this new section more complete.

Thus I hope that in a week or two all the changes will be complete so as to offer a political tool for the battles to come. Again, suggestions are more than welcome.

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