Thursday, November 30, 2006

Corruption in Venezuela

The Miami Herald publishes a study from Gustavo Coronel that is worth reading and passing around. One wonders how come corruption is not more in the agenda or Rosales. Perhaps it would be too vindictive and scare away the more modestly corrupt chavista public "servant" that might steal because, well, it is so easy to do... But it seems to be paying off: his language has contrasted so nicely with the violence and hatred of Chavez speech that it is in part the reason why Rosales has been climbing steadily. And after all, there will be always time to address corruption if Rosales reaches office.

PS: I have corrected the AOI post. Including the missing graph. It seems a good time to point to AIO post as the failures of Chavez are probably as much coming from his incompetence as well as from his unwillingness to tackle corruption as he uses it to secure his power.

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