Monday, November 27, 2006

Mine is bigger than yours: Rosales gets Caracas

There is something irresistible about playing this little child's game, specially when a given match goes your way.

A reader (hat tip FC) brings to attention a Union Radio bit where the numbers of the Saturday and Sunday marches are compared. This blogger did the same yesterday and reached the same conclusion though he would have had given higher numbers to Chavez than the Grupo Cronica: 935 Rosales to 225 Chavez (which was an improvement for Chavez who lately could not get much more than 50).

In short: Rosales march was bigger than the April 11 2002 one (I called it Saturday already). Rosales march was at least double of Chavez one, sans les autobus. In fact Cronica counted 2150 buses which would have been a line of 19Km (about 14 miles!). According to Cronica that would have accounted for 83 thousand people from outside Caracas.

However this blogger got one wrong: the October 10 2002 march remains the biggest one ever with 1,09 million while Saturday Rosales event only made it to 0,935 million. Darn!

Thus Chavez loses one. And if any chavista can send me an image of Sunday more impressive than any of mine, or of Alek at Vcrisis on Saturday, I WILL PUBLISH IT HERE. But I am quite certain that I have already published the very best of the ABN.

By the way, some journalists are lost at sea, and the reputation of some such as Elizabeth Nunez of the AP is taking a nose dive. One wonders if Ms. Nuñez is a liar or just a lousy journalist. Heck, she has been caught already three times misreporting!!!!

-The end-

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