Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pirates in Venezuela

There are such events that are so explicit as to what is in store for us if Chavez is reelected ...

Last Sunday, as chavista "marchers" were coming back from Caracas to Margarita Island, there was an act of piracy on the Venezuelan ferry that was going to Margarita. A group of chavistas forced through violent threats the captain of the ship to go back to shore and pick up some laggards.

Now, probably half drunk and under the excitement of a large political march, one can understand a moment of exaltation. However one cannot understand how come the pirates are not under preventive detention at this writing. Only "an investigation is under way".

This is not enough. Are we to understand that the red shirts of Chavez are the equals of the brown shirts of the Nazis?

There is no excuse: these modern day cheap pirates endangered the ship, the lives of the other passengers, threatened the captain and his officers. This cannot go unpunished. Is this the future that awaits us, where any red shirted chavista asshole can barge wherever s/he wants, your bus, you metro, your home, just because they think they are entitled to?

-The end-

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