Saturday, May 19, 2007

Chavez latest anti semitic remarks

Tonight we had another one of those never ending cadenas, and I was in no mood to put up with it. But after midnight I tried to catch the news of the day (the cadena of course cut the 9PM Globovision nightly news) . Globovision passed the astounding clip from tonight's cadena where Chavez says that the Native American massacres of the XVI century were worse than the Holocaust.

It is simply insulting to compare genocides. None can be worse than another one. There might have been less Tutsi killed in Rwanda than Jews in gas chambers, but that does not make the Tutsi massacre any less horrendous. One can NEVER use relative terms on such events.

I refuse to be even dragged into to what really happened during the America's conquest or during WW2, it would be exactly what Chavez wants me to do. People with some intelligence and ethics do see the infamous trap in front.

However I will say what these words of Chavez say about him.

He is an anti Semite. He could easily speak about the Native American exterminations of past centuries without having to recur to such odious arguments.

He is an apologist of violence. Only people that are ready to kill can do such relativistic murders.

He is an ignoramus which usually explain the previous two judgments I wrote.

He is a fascist, which is usually the consequence of the above three statements.

PS: The video is out here.

It is a long video because it comes from Luigino Brachi who loves Chavez perorations even more so when they attack anything from the Western World, this time the Pope visit in Brazil. You need to go to minute 6 to hear the Chavez words, though he tries to hide them in between demanding that the Church apologizes for the Americas evangelizing methods (again, I am not lowering myself to discuss this with Chavez, the more so with the type of simplistic elements he uses).

Then, unless you have nothing better to do with your life, you can stop as Chavez starts discussing the limbo and woman's creation form Adam's rib. Though it is fascinating as you can observe how Chavez does not understand things enough to be able to detect what can be comparable or relevant to a point: he justs grabs the elements that can be of use for his propaganda with the masses. I bet you that it is highly effective in some sectors.

-The end-

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