Saturday, May 19, 2007

The pro RCTV march in Caracas

I am not in Caracas so I cannot attend the march. But I can flip the channels on my remote.

RCTV and Globovision. Not surprisingly, one for its survival, and one because it is news, have a lavish coverage which at 12:50 shows a fairly decent concentration in Chacaito, but a concentration quite spirited. Of course since the opposition cannot fly a helicopter and since Chacaito is rather a tortuous area for such a concentration (but rather safe from possible chavista harassment) we cannot quite tell how successful was the appeal. At least we can see that it was not a failure.

Venevision and Televen.
They are applying the ostrich thing. Nothing that I could see. So if they ever reported anything it was discrete. Shame on them!

VTV and Vive. The state chains are reporting lavishly on the rather meager meeting at Maturin where only red shirted individuals are acclaiming the vice president come to encourage folks to sign up for the PUS. But they did report on the RCTV march, choosing early hours cameras pretending it was the march when in fact this one had not started yet as people were barely rallyign the starting points.

Now, VTV even reported for the helicopter!!!!! Where of course no Globovision or RCTV journalist was allowed to climb. That is not only a new low in information bias and unfairness in reporting, but it outright shameless and even desperate if you ask me.

However the best part was the words of the journalist in the helicopter. There was a clock indicating 11:59 and she was informing that the people were already going back home, insisting heavily on that, that it was all over. The only problem is that it was in fact 12:59 and the rally at Chacaito was going full steam with speeches and entertainment. I mean, they are so desperate, so clumsy, that they cannot even lie or manipulate information properly. They cannot even erase their own clock. But then again they know that nothing will happen to them since no one will even bother to sue them considering that any verdict is preordained.

PS: the march rally seems to have been a fair success. And if not, it certainly dwarfs anything the government has tried to do to have people support the closing of RCTV, even paying them, even asking them to write awful graffiti.

PS2: And a sure sign the march was a success. The government was scared enough that it blocked Caracas access to people that were coming from the outlying areas of Caracas. There is even a video to show how the Gurarenas access was unaccountably slowed down to a single lane on the highway!!!

PS3: Media review here, here and here. All favorable at the turn out and enthusiasm. And very lame reply of the vice president, Mr. Credibility.

PS4: A reader, Y, sent the above picture of the rally. More than anything we ever saw at any PUS sign up station. And as usual no buses ferrying the people, no free booze or lunch bags distributed. Genuine enthusiasm for the cause and not the long faces that could not be hidden in the PUS signatories in Monagas yesterday.

-The end-

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