Wednesday, May 30, 2007

PodCast at Radio Five of the BBC

For those who have time on their hands.

BBC's Radio Five Live from London called me for a Podcast. Since I am not getting used to the routine of Podcasting which is sweeping through the net, I actually thought I was answering casual questions Chris Vallance asked me while we were waiting for our air time slot....... it is only about half way through it that I realized we were on the air, or that it would be broadcast as is.

The blog with the program of the show items is here, and the actual broadcast is here. You need to go forward around minute 12 (20:12 in their dial). And this being the BBC, it was on a pleasant and civil tone; so if you hoped to hear me insult Chavez for the violence, well, you will be disappointed.

-The end-

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