Thursday, June 21, 2007

Chavismo goes bonkers over Spain, and judge Garzon

This week we got delicious moments of chavismo ridicule, and of all reasons, a fight against Spain and Spaniards. It seems that the days of love and ideological lust of the early days of the Zapatero government are a thing of the past.

It all started with some concern expressed over the RCTV closing by Moratinos, the Spanish Foreign Minister who has presided over a recent warming up of Spain's icy cold relations with the US (most links in English, for a change). Chavez totally miffed said that he was taking distance from Spain even if "it hurt". Ah! The pain!

The link in Spanish has juiciest words. Chavez is either delusional or has lost all sense of ridicule: he complains that Moratinos expresses undue opinions on Venezuela. But Chavez himself does much worse than Moratinos all the time. The last 4 paragraphs of that link are a must read. But Chavez is not about to get a rest as Moratinos also said today that Spain was watching over the agrarian interests of their citizens in Venezuela. To be continued....

But this was just foreplay for today main insulting ecstasy.

It turns out that famous judge Baltasar Garzon was visiting Caracas for an event he was hired for a speech. Now, for those who ignore who judge Garzon is, he is the guy that blocked Pinochet in London for months and months, the guy that almost got Pinochet to put him on trial, and all sorts of other notable civil rights cases. Garzon is also a Spanish Socialist. His left of center credentials are impeccable. This did not stop a few chavistas today to hurl insult after insult on him.

What was Garzon's fault? Point out the obvious, that too much power in a single hand always lead to trouble, to corrupt systems, and to all sorts of vices. That independent judicial is essential for democracy. Geeeee, I wonder why so many chavista high placed officials felt alluded!!!!!

The vice president, Jorge Rodriguez, called Garzon a clown. El Universal note does not reflect the passion in which Rodriguez expressed himself. But then again Rodriguez is a real professional clown, ready to utter the most ridiculous things to support his boss.

The foreign minister, Nicolas Maduro, said that Garzon was a coward. He stated that Garzon came paid by the "oligarchy" and that he did not have the courage to name the names he was paid for to name. I wonder how Maduro gets this kind of "intention" information. Maybe from taps on the CANTV lines? Link in Spanish here, but if the video of his declaration comes up, do not miss it, rarely has Maduro been so pathetic. I suppose that now he thinks he has Condi Rice on the run he probably does not control himself anymore, not that he did much control before.... One thing is certain, Maduro confirmed to us today that he has no f****ing idea what diplomacy is.

But the best were the words of Luisa Morales, the TSJ head. So we have Luisa Morales, a third rate judge of questionable abilities and even more questionable resume, a judge who has never shone from any intellectual achievement of any sort, a judge that made it to the TSJ top because of her devotion to Chavez and her willingness to emit any ruling he needs, such as plain robbery against RCTV to mention the latest one, is saying that Garzon is a mercenary, that he lacks "ethics and morals". She also added that 500 years of colonization were enough, echoing the delusion of her boss that Venezuela independence has finally be brought by him. I am not making this up, you can read the Spanish link if you please.

Of course, Luisa Morales just demonstrates that she lacks ethics and morals herself. She also demonstrates that she has no culture, no education and that she is a mercenary herself. But that is the effect that brilliant people like Garzon have on utter mediocrities like Luisa Morales. Because make no mistake, a judge like Morales, who dictate decisions to improve her income, who sponsors robbery by the executive branch, who has no qualm watching her country being plundered by Cuba, is perhaps not even a mercenary, she is a paralegal who stole the official seals and who is printing illegal sentences. Luisa Morales has come down today lower than any judge has ever gone in Venezuela, and that is already saying a lot.

But the curious reader might wonder how come three very high officials have had to come out today to swing against Garzon, who after all holds no political position, who was in as a private visit. Well, it hurt because Garzon is an icon of the left in the world and when such an icon goes against you then you know that you have lost it. See, when the French socialist party condemned the RCTV thing it was still OK. After all, it was in France so who cared, really. But when Garzon comes at home and says it in Spanish, well, you get the message, the message that you are unclean, that you are not respectable, that the people that you would expect support and even admiration from think instead that you are only a bunch of thugs, and vulgar ones at that.

What Garzon told chavismo is that they would never be respectable, that true democrats would never support their rule, their actions, that they had crossed the line between civilization and barbary. And that Chavez and a few chavistas were deserving of some international trial someday.

How else could you even explain the hate in the words, the three of them sticking to the line that Garzon is a paid mercenary "tarifado". But what else is Ramonet of the Monde Diplomatique, if I may dare ask? And most of those "intellectuals" that come regularly to "advise" or "study" the bolivarian revolution? Does anyone think that these people do it for free, out of goodness of their hearts, on their free time? Gimme a break!!! At least Garzon did not hide from who he was invited by!

But what is even more galling is that Chavez can invite Nicaragua Ortega to dish the dissident students. ON NATIONAL CADENA Chavez asked a foreigner to insult some Venezuelans on Venezuelan TV during a forced simultaneous broadcast on all air wave media. And Luisa Morales, the head of the Venezuelan highest court had no words for that? But she was very prompt in condemning Garzon?

Garzon words did hit bull's eye, no doubt about it.

-The end-

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