Monday, August 27, 2007

Il Gattopardo

Tonight I watched the classic "Il Gattopardo". I had never seen it before, and I cannot believe it. It is of course a superb epic. But too close to home for comfort.

During the film I could not help myself to be drawn back to the current Venezuelan situation, Il Gattopardo would explain much better than anything else why the old line Venezuelan opposition is failing so miserably in countering Chavez. Many of them are simply trying to take advantage of the situation. Look at Cisneros: could there be a better Tancredi in Venezuela today? And you know that Cisneros are arrivists from 50 years ago who married in the old oligarchy and are now the new oligarchy trying to pull out some survival scheme.

Maybe we are all a country of Tancredi. Maybe with Chavez we must all say "Se vogliamo che tutto rimanga come è, bisogna che tutto cambi". If we want that all remains the same we need to change all. When we see the 800 000 flying bag or the privileges grossly flaunted by the new bolibourgeois social class we must wonder whether di Lampedusa is alive and well in Venezuela

-The end-

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