Friday, September 28, 2007

Ahmadinejad in Caracas

The cadena starts.

A pathetic reception, late at night on the steps of Miraflores with a small group of officials and a military band.

Chavez endorses Ahmadinejerk fully, including all things nuclear, including defending him for his "courageous" posture in the trap set by the lackey of the Empire, namely the very Liberal Dean of Columbia who had the misfortune to invite him to call him a dictator. I mean, if you invite someone you should be at least polite enough to call him a dictator BEFORE or AFTER your guest visits. How rude! At any rte, we are once again proven that Chavez knows very little about the US subtleties.

Ahmadinejerk makes a speech praising all the leftists revolutions of Latin America. He includes Cuba, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela, of course. Yet he also includes Uruguay as an oppressed country, showing that he is equally well versed in LatAm subtleties as Chavez is in the US ones. Or was that a way to acknowledge the rumored arm trafficking from Iran that might go through Uruguay?

They all walk inside Miraflores, Chavez with his left hand on Ahmadinejerk (someone should tell him that the left hand is not praised much in Iran...)

End of a short and pathetic cadena, but an important one as Chavez definitely throws his lot behind Iran, the right wing religious revolution who short of friends must bind with equally fundamentalist LatAm regimes. The things we are given to see in our life time!!!!!!

Oh, and foreign papers describe in strong terms the rejection of the Jewish community of Venezuela to Ahmadinejerk visit. But I did not see much of it in Venezuelan media. I wonder and I worry.....

-The end-

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