Saturday, November 10, 2007

Brief Friday night updates

A quick round up of little things. Most links in English for a change.

Chavez in Chile: the elephant in the china shop.

He arrives and says that Bolivia deserves a way out to sea. I am sure the hosts were delighted.

He calls Aznar a fascist a few times. That Aznar, contrary to Chavez, did not seek to remain more than two terms while polls ensured his easy third term does not seem to have crossed his mind. Some fascist that Aznar! The socialist Prime Minister of Spain was not amused. Remember the good old days when Zapatero was fresh and lovy-lovy with Chavez?

The IberoAmerican summit theme is "social cohesion" Chavez pooh-pooed it saying that the only social model that is good is his. For this he took an EXTRA 21 minutes of the 5 minutes accorded to each president. Thus once again he shows how rude and uncouth he is. He probably thinks he was in Venezuela still.

The FARC at Miraflores

Pursuing his policy to try to force the Colombian government to recognize the FARC as a political force and not the drug trafficking mafia it has becomes, Chavez received Ivan Marquez at Miraflores. Uribe replied that it is out of question for Chaevz to come to visit Marulanda at home. The negotiations will end up nowhere.

Students in the streets.

Protest, at local level kept simmering. Nazional Guard kept repressing.

The government is hurting form this week violence at the UCV.

The government lies having been duly exposed, a plan B is made up, One approach is to suddenly send the "Bolivarian Students" to demand discussions with the "dissident students". What? The heroes of the National Assembly cheap show of June are the ones now requesting to talk and debate? Boy! they must be hurting!!!! Meanwhile El Universal publishes a nice photo gallery of the pacific march of Thursday, to make sure the record is straight on the march and that the violence was due to chavista elements at the UCV. By the way, the motorbikes who "rescued" the gun carrying elements are becoming a major issue.

Socialists of the world do not see eye to eye with Chavez.

The French Socialist party said that the constitutional reform is not good.

Correa of Ecuador disagrees with eternal reelection and stresses the need for alternability to secure democracy.

New Blogs

The students have a new "energetic" blog: Resistencia Universitaria

Ecuador's web keeps organizing and are looking at what Venezuelans try to do against Chavez (with significant success on the web as pro Chavez sites are trashed in ratings and importance): Ecrisis

-The end-

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