Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easter week break open thread

I am back from a short business trip just to leave again for the Holy Week Venezuelan recess. This year I am skipping from the start and I am going to get lost in the middle of nowhere again. No Internet although there are many posts I would like to do (one more Mexican inspired, one PUS electoral fiasco inspired, one more milk policies inspired). But I am taking my lap top (I will have electricity at least a few hours a day) and hopefully inspiration might come: after all, hammocks are great places to take a lap top with you and write. If anything I might bring back more flower pictures from the Palos de Maria and Nazarenos who should be about ready to start their show.

I suppose, and I hope, that after three months of incredibly perturbing and perturbed activities the government will take the chance to rest some this week, the more so that Wednesday is a holiday of its own so for all practical purposes state offices and banks will be closed from Wednesday to Monday after Easter. It would do good to Chavez to take a breather, I really mean it in a good way.

Meanwhile like many Venezuelans I will disappear for a week, for a well deserved rest. For those who might wonder how come I did not stay in Mexico since I was already there I will reply that there is nothing better than spending a Semana Santa in the Venezuelan country side when you can be far from everything, picking up yourself your limes and oranges for your drinks to be taken in a hammock under a shady large veranda. If you are lucky, there will be some milk and fresh queso de mano from your neighbor's cows, and if heat bothers you, a hose never feels better than in the worst part of the dry season. If crowds tempt you, there are always the local colorful church activities for the Holy Days, and if your car AC works fine, no one is stopping you from visiting remote villages and seek their folk treasures. After all the crowds went to the beaches or the Andes and the rest of the country belongs to whomever wants it. Heat and dust are a small price to pay for the privilege to seat on Tacusiapon shaded Bolivar Square sipping una colita in front of the old colonial style church.

Meanwhile you can keep posting comments as for the very first time I will declare this a free thread post (though trolling remains a But do not be surprised if they do not show up for a couple of days. I will take my Treo with me so if I reach a hot spot of sorts I will try to approve comments. So there, your chance to discuss anything you want, time delay mode (I am still trying to get a ghost moderator, but they also seem to be skipping town...)

-The end-

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