Friday, October 17, 2008

Those exquisite little moments that bring you a big smile on your face

So, after years of trashing the US, of threatening to cut the oil supply there, of announcing that he would prefer to sell cheaper and at credit to China than fair price for cash to the US, what does Chavez said yesterday? No, no, please keep buying our oil!

Well, he did it a little bit better by pretending to mask his argument in that the US will not be able to free its dependency from Venezuela. Still, it seems that both comments from McCain and Obama reached Miraflores as to Venezuela being cut off the US within 10 years. Certainly, in Chavez megalomania plans to remain in power for ever, that he will not be able to bash the US anymore whenever convenient is not something very reassuring for him. So now, in yet another perilous somersault, he speaks softly to the US as it is, well, too late.

It is a good thing that ridicule does not kill.

It is also good for him that he cultivates the ignorance and codependency of his followers..... In a normal country he would have been dismissed and judged fast for threatening the biggest life line of our economy without anything viable to replace it with. But luckily for him we are, overall, a mediocre country and I suppose we deserve that clown until we learn our lesson, if we are able to learn anything.

-The end-

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