Thursday, November 27, 2008

And in Venezuela, state sponsored terrorism?

As if the news were not burdensome enough, Tal Cual revels that Diosdado Cabello has been linked to Venezuelan state sponsored violent groups (future terrorists?) and that the investigation has been silenced while the guy in charge was dismissed.

Disodado Cabello lost his governor seat of Miranda because he spent his 4 years in charge doing national politics, terrorizing political opponents (from within chavismo or the opposition, he is an equal opportunity thug), and enriching himself and his relatives and his own cohorts so as to be able to run for president in 2012. In his latest demonstration of what a jerk he is, during last week rains in Caracas, he forced out the Baruta rescue teams from disaster sites so that the Miranda state teams would be the only ones shown on TV. Soon he was seen giving away yet more refrigerators and washers to the "victims" of the disaster. But in spite of possibly the best financed machinery of any pro Chavez governor he still lost the state.

Let's hope that Chavez takes the opportunity to get rid of him, though it is always good when you rule like Chavez to have creeps like Cabello or Rodriguez Chacin to do the dirty work for you. This type of characters do have an advantage: they are evil enough that you need not to express yourself directly as to your wishes: on their own they know who to get rid of, what trick to pull, what financial deal to garnish your pockets can be made.

By the way, since yesterday we are bombarded with tales on how Di Martino is ransacking the Maracaibo town hall before giving it up to Rosales. He will get an empty shell. Such reports are also coming from Caracas and Miranda, though apparently things are goign a little bit better there. Still, outgoing mayor Barreto who had been allowed to have his own TV (disguised as the Caracas Mayor at Large information network, AVILA TV) will not pass that TV to Ledezma: the Minci of Izarrita has already removed all the equipment so even if it allows the license to remain in the hands of Ledezma, this one will have no way to access the airwaves of Caracas as a local station. Censorship in the nakedest form! So we see that the culture of violence and anti democratic values have percolated very well from Chavez to his immediate followers.

-The end-

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