Friday, November 28, 2008

Will Chavez close Globovision?

Monday night in his "cadena" of spite, Chavez accused Globovision of having violated some CNE ruling on Sunday. He asked for severe punishment. One day later one of the CNE rectors said that no media broke any rule on Sunday, and that at any rate it was for the CNE to decide on this specific issue.

Today, CONATEL went ahead anyway and served Globovision papers based on trumped up charges. These procedures could close Globovision as early as next week. The president orders have been followed and forget about the separation of powers.

I am not going at this point to get into specifics: readers of this blog are very aware that Chavez has been looking for an excuse to close the network. .

The point is that closing a news channel available ONLY in Caracas and Valencia as an open broadcast is not the thing a triumphant president does. That closing is the best possible admission by Chavez of his impotence at forcing the country to submit to his will, his impotence at dictating his views as ours.


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